Rachel Burger

Graduate Student



Office: Heroy Hall 438
Email: rburger[@]smu.edu
Professional website: http://smu.academia.edu/RachelBurger


BA Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Virginia
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

I am a PhD student in archaeology at Southern Methodist University and my research focus is on the protohistoric period in the Northern Rio Grande, New Mexico. The aim of my dissertation research is to investigate the nature of reorganization and its potential causes during the Classic period of the ancestral Tewa occupation in the Lower Chama Valley watershed. I hope to understand how these social and environmental changes influenced Tewa subsistence and ideology. My methodological interests include stable isotope analysis and zooarchaeology as a way to understand past patterns of human behavior. Beyond my own research, I am interested in community archaeology and collections-based research.

Before attending SMU I graduated in 2010 with a BA in archaeology and anthropology from the University of Virginia. I worked for the Chaco Research Archive for several years with a research team where I compiled scattered photographs and excavation notes from archaeological research in Chaco Canyon into an online archive. I have also surveyed and excavated in Chaco Canyon, in central Virginia at Monasukapanough, a prehistoric Monacan village, and on Thomas Jefferson's property.

In the summer of 2013 I will be undertaking a pilot study to investigate the nature of zooarchaeological collections from nine Tewa sites for their research potential to shed light on village reorganization and movement.

Entered program in 2011

Region of Study:

American Southwest