Leea Thompson Fudge

Graduate Student



Office: Heroy Hall 428B
Phone: 214-448-6598
Email: lmthompson@smu.edu


BS Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

After graduating from SMU with a BS in Anthropology in 1995, I have worked in healthcare for the past 2+ decades, with 17 of those years as a RN across a variety of settings. I pursued graduate work in nursing along the way at the University of  Colorado, with internships in Dallas with anthropologists from SMU working with both heart transplant patients and refugees.I also performed ethnographic work for Context Research for multiple projects, I am returning to SMU now to begin work on a PhD in Medical Anthropology. My interest is in the culture of disease prevention in the United States. I am especially interested in the culture surrounding routine childhood immunizations as related to medical doctors who support non compliance in their patient populations.

Entered program in 2017