Kathryn A. Cross

Graduate Student



Office: Heroy Hall 434
Phone: 214-768-2169
Email: kacross[@]smu.edu


BA Anthropology, James Madison University
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

I am an archaeology PhD student at Southern Methodist University. My general research interests include disaster anthropology/archaeology and collective trauma. For my dissertation, I will focus on the long-term effects of disaster, using the Great Dallas Flood of 1908 as a case study, or collective trauma as a result of loss of place for minority communities in Dallas.

Before I started at SMU, I received a BA in anthropology from James Madison University in 2011. While there, I was part of a team that performed archaeological fieldwork for Shenandoah National Park, the Wintergreen Nature Foundation, the City of Harrisonburg, and other places throughout the Shenandoah Valley. From 2012-2015 I worked on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi as an archaeologist for the Federal Emergency Management Agency on 2PA Hurricane Katrina projects. Throughout my career, I have worked in Virginia, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Georgia, and Ohio.

Entered program in 2015

Region of Study: