Alejandro Figueroa

Graduate Student



Office: Heroy Hall 429
Phone: 214-597-6696
Email: afigueroa[@]
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BA Anthropology, Saint Lawrence University
MA Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

I have always been fascinated by how people interact with their surroundings. I have pursued this subject of study from a variety of angles, including working in landscapes that were used by people in prehistory and continue to be used today as locales for rituals, settings for rich oral histories, or simply as places to make a living.

My dissertation research focuses on how human populations navigated the major environmental and climatic changes following the last ice age in southeastern Mesoamerica, and what impact these major changes had on their livelihoods. To do this, I am analyzing the extremely well-preserved animal remains from the El Gigante rockshelter in southwestern Honduras, which was occupied almost continuously from 11,000-500 years ago. Beyond the ability of my research to yield valuable data about the early peoples of Central America, I consider public outreach and community participation a fundamental component of my career. With this in mind I have strived to develop and support mechanisms and processes whereby local communities can assist in the preservation and promotion of their cultural heritage, all while upholding national and international principles and laws.

Entered program in 2011

Regional of Study:

Southeastern Mesoamerica, Central America, Northern Great Plains