Afshan Kamrudin

Graduate Student



Office: 972-948-3689


BA Psychology, University of North Texas
MPH Behavioral Science and Health Education, Emory University
MA Anthropology, Southern Methodist University

My interest in the interactions of culture and health stems from both my undergraduate study at the University of North Texas-Denton as a psychology major and my further experience in the arena of public health at Emory University where I completed a master of public health. I've assisted in teaching courses on the interaction between mental health and culture and find that this interaction exists historically and contemporaneously. Recognizing that health and ill health are influenced and impacted by more than the simple transmission between a pathogen and a host, the study of culture embodies the complexity of the dynamic between health and ill health by defining stressors, circumstances, 'risk factors' and other salient life situations. As a medical anthropologist, my curiosity for understanding the factors and facets of mental health are driven by the polarity and variable nature of individual psychological interactions in both local and global context.

Entered program in 2011.

Region of Study:

Diaspora - TBD