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Nicolas Sternsdorff-Cisterna

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. 2014 Harvard University
Heroy Hall 453

Visit my webpage: http://www.nicolas.academy 

  • Food
  • Risk
  • Environment
  • Disasters
  • The body and the senses
  • Space
  • Political Economy
  • Japan


Nicolas Sternsdorff-Cisterna is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in the study of food, the environment, risk, the senses and political economy. He conducted research on food safety after the Fukushima nuclear accident, looking at how citizens handled new risks and scientific information about what they should and should not eat. He is preparing a book manuscript tentatively  titled "Food safety after Fukushima."

Nicolas has also conducted research on the phenomenology of eating and the senses, focusing on wine. Together with Yuson Jung, he co-edited a special issue of the journal "Food and Foodways" on the intersection of eating and the senses.


Journal articles:

2015. "Food after Fukushima: Risk and Scientific Citizenship in Japan". American Anthropologist. 117 (3):455-467.

2014. "Unexpected moments and the wine experience". Food and Foodways 22: 90-111.

2014. Guest co-editor (with Yuson Jung) of a special issue of Food and Foodways on "Food and the Senses." Volume 22.

Book chapters:

2014. On food and safety. In To see once more the stars: Living in a post-Fukushima world. Edited by Daisuke Naito, Ryan Sayre, Heather Swanson and Satsuki Takahashi. New Pacific Press.

2013. Space and terroir in the Chilean wine industry. In Wine and Culture: Vineyard to Glass. Bloomsbury, edited by Rachel E. Black and Robert C. Ulin. 51-66.

Other Publications:

2013. Food and Place. Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics. Springer.