Sunday Eiselt


Associate Professor



Office: Heroy Hall 450
Phone: 214-768-2915
Email: seiselt[@]
Professional website:

Educational Background

Ph.D. 2006 University of Michigan


Research Interests

  • Culture Contact and Historical Archaeology
  • Hohokam and Athapaskan Prehistory
  • Interethnic and Gendered Exchange
  • Ethnicity and Migration
  • Archaeology of Childhood
  • Ceramic Geochemistry and Archaeometry
  • Tribal and Community-Based Archaeology
  • Southern Athapaskan, Hispanic, Pueblo, and Uto-Aztecan Peoples

Courses Taught

ANTH 2380 - Cultures at Risk: Human Rights and Heritage Today
ANTH 4399 - Integrated Themes in Anthropology
ANTH 4387/6387 - Advances in Archaeological Practice
ANTH 6302 - Statistics in Anthropology

Past Courses

ANTH 1321 - Freshman Seminar
ANTH 2363 - The Science of Our Past: An Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 3318 - Prehistory of the American Southwest
ANTH 5681/5981 - Field Methods in Archaeology (taught at our Ft. Burgwin campus)
ANTH 6033 - Proseminar on Ethics in Archaeology
ANTH 6301 - Principles of Archaeology
ANTH 7321 - Ceramic Analysis for Archaeologists

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