Jubilee Archive

Gilberto Lopez, MA (2009)

Gilberto Lopez is a social scientist who combines medical anthropology and public health (methodologically and theoretically) to better understand health disparities affecting ethnic, sexual, and economic minorities. His research focuses on migration and health. More specifically, on how social, political, and economic factors are embodied and literally get "under the skin" of some populations and not others (and at different rates).

Gilberto earned his MA in medical anthropology from SMU in 2009; he then completed an MPH at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and is currently a doctoral student in social and behavioral sciences at the Harvard School of Public Health. Gilberto's research is driven by personal, academic, and applied goals. Having been born in California's agricultural San Joaquin Valley, and into a farm-working immigrant family, Gilberto understands firsthand how social determinants of health unequally affect populations. Academically, he hopes to add to the knowledge and understanding of the immigrant experience by "bearing witness" to said inequalities and how they affect the health of this community. In the applied field, Gilberto aims to help design and implement culturally appropriate public health programs that better serve minority populations in the US.