2014 Dedman College News

Congratulations to the 2014 Dedman College Engaged Learning Fellows

This past spring, 69 Engaged Learning projects were approved. Below are the 40 Engaged Learning Fellows with Dedman majors and the 26 Dedman faculty and staff are serving as mentors. 

Dedman College Engaged Learning Fellows 2014

1. Camille Biard, SMU ‘15, is using computational chemistry methods to study chemiluminescent mechanism to develop new molecules that can emit luminescence for a long period of time and be delivered to the human body to probe cancerous cells. (Major: CHEM; Mentor: Dr. Peng Tao)

2. Kevin Bruemmer, SMU ‘15, is developing original 13C MRI contrast agents to detect chemical species important in clinical and biological processes. (Major: CHEM; Mentor: Dr. Alex Lippert)

3. Christopher Carrillo, SMU ‘15, is planning to perform an economic assessment of a community in the Bugesera district in Rwanda to determine the sustainability of various water development projects. (Major: CEE; Mentor: Dr. Thomas Osang)

4. Aaron Chu, SMU ‘15, is evaluating the performance of the iFlame laser transmitter before, during and after irradiation to examine its viability for usage on the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland. (Major: ME; Mentor: Dr. Jingbo Ye)

5. Rahfin Faruk, SMU ‘15, will use a rational choice model to analyze how Bangladeshi economic decisions were influenced by U.S. foreign policy (Major: ECON, PLSC, PP, RELI; Mentor: Dr. Hiroki Takeuchi)

6. Katelyn Gough, SMU ‘15, plans to put forth a recommendation regarding the Syrian refugee crisis within the context of Jordanian security and international affairs through her on-site research in Jordan. (Major: JOUR, THEA, PLSC; Mentor: Dr. James Hollifield)

7. Maggie Hagen, SMU ‘15, is studying granitic bodies, called plutons, along the Ivrea-Verbano zone in Northwestern Italy and their origins that assembled 278-289 million years ago. (Major: GEOL, ANTH; Mentor: Dr. James Quick)

8. Mehdi Hami, SMU ‘15, through research of France’s health care system, is now exploring its relationship to French eating habits and nutrition and plan to interview French citizens to expand his work. (Major: BIOL, PLSC; Mentor: Ms. Carina Heckert)

9. Mark Honrales, SMU ‘16, is developing a detailed biochemical mechanism for ATP hydrolysis of PGP. (Major: BIOCHM, FINA; Mentor: Dr. Peng Tao)

10.Hilary Hopkins, SMU ‘15, is researching the structure and function of circadian clock protein Envoy, then will publish findings in a scientific journal and present research at the Gordon Research Conference for Photosensory Receptors & Signal Transduction in Barga, Italy. (Major: BIOCHM; Mentor: Dr. Brian Zoltowski)

11.Preston Hutcherson, SMU ‘15, enrolled in the same humanities course at two institutions, SMU and Richland College, to be able to answer to what extent is the value of a course tied to the amount we pay for it. (Major: ENGL; Mentor: Dr. Tim Cassedy)

12.Danielle Katz, SMU ‘15, is using her Spanish skills and education minor to volunteer at an over-populated kindergarten in Cuzco, Peru through the non-profit UBELONG. (Majors: SPAN; Mentor: Dr. Renata Égüez)

13. Raamis Khwaja, SMU ‘15, will research water contamination in a north Indian slum located in Aligarh, India, and come up with a solutions model for combating the spread of bacteria and chemical pollutants in drinking water. (Major: BIOCHM; Mentor: Dr. Carolyn Smith-Morris)

14. Dalton Kim, SMU ‘15, is preparing novel inorganic polymers which may serve as antimicrobial coatings for metal surfaces. (Major: CHEM, BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Patty Wisian-Neilson)

15. Janice Kim, SMU ‘15, is assessing the health and cancer literacy of Vietnamese women and will explore various sources from which these women are able to obtain their health information. (Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. Smith-Morris)

16. Alaina Leggette, SMU ‘15, using her own personal experience as a pre-med student, is surveying medical school applicants and analyzing data of med school statistics to identify best practices to get into medical school. (Major: BIOL, ECON; Mentor: Mr. Caleb Marsh)

17. Patrick Leopard II, SMU ‘16, is developing an implementation plan for iGiddyUp, iOS application which will improve the efficiency of the SMU Giddy Up system. (Major: CSE, MATH; Mentor: Dr. Mark Fontenot)

18. Jewel Lipps, SMU ‘15, is surveying forest composition to identify and characterize riparian forest communities within the Great Trinity Forest at the Trinity River Audubon Center (TRAC) and from this data will determine their successional stages. (Major: ENVS, CHEM; Mentor: Dr. Bonnie Jacobs)

19. Christina Lollar, SMU ‘15, is researching sulfur ylide chemistry along with isatins and with this will develop a novel sulfur ylide mediated synthetic technique for the preparation of isatin derivatives. (Major: CHEM, FREN; Mentor: Dr. Alexander Lippert)

20. Mindy McClean, SMU ‘15, is creating and will provide a necessary, reliable, and stabilizing environment for the isolated membrane enzyme, P-glycoprotein using lipid nanodiscs. (Major: BIOL, CHEM; Mentor: Dr. Pia Vogel)

21. Hadley McPherson, SMU ‘15, is placing motion-activated cameras in the Trinity River Forest in order to photograph wild mammals and promote conservation, will obtain valuable ecological data to be used to calculate population sizes and identify individual animals. (Major: BIOL, ENVS; Mentor: Dr. Louis Jacobs)

22. Matthew Mozdzen, SMU ‘15, is developing a sustainable aquaponics system for low-income neighborhoods in the Dallas area.  (Major: ME, MATH; Mentor: Dr. Elaine Heath)

23. Kyle Nakatsuka, SMU ’15, is researching urban revitalization in communities with deep socioeconomic needs and strong movements towards cultural self-determination, comparing contemporary Native American communities of Taos and Hawai’i. (Major: BIOL, SPAN, LAAM, HRTS; Mentor: Dr. Mike Adler)

24. Mayisha Nakib, SMU ‘15, is investigating the ability of radon progenies to stick to copper surfaces in various environments to help understand background sources in experiments that search for dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay. (Major: PHYS, MATH; Mentor: Dr. Jodi Cooley)

25. Stephanie Newland, SMU ‘15, is exploring whether involvement in the Jesters Program benefits participants with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, their parents, and program volunteers. (Major: BIOL, SPAN; Mentor: Dr. Stephanie Al Otaiba)

26. Gabriella Padgett, SMU ‘15, is exploring the development of the organic and local food movements in Beijing, China. (Major: MATH, CRCOMP; Mentor: Dr. Ira Greenberg)

27.    Anish Patel, SMU ‘15, is researching the functionalization of carbosiliane-thioether dendrimers. (Major: BIOCHEM, MATH; Mentor: Dr. David Son)

28.Natalia Perea, SMU ‘15, will create an exhibition at SMU utilizing poetry and photography, based on investigation into Flamenco as cultural history of Spain. (Major: DANC, ENGL; Mentor: Dr. Shelley Berg)

29. Derek Phanekham, SMU ‘15, is working on the SMU Community Garden project with the intent to develop it as an interdisciplinary learning site to learn about viable, small scale agricultural models transferable to blighted urban neighborhoods. (Major: CSE, MATH; Mentor: Dr. Elaine Heath)

30.    Hena Rafiq, SMU ‘16, is developing a comprehensive resource kit to help previously incarcerated women successfully reenter society. (Major: PLSC, PR; Mentor: Mr. Charles Bittner)

31. Lisa Raizes, SMU ‘15, is promoting intercultural understanding between Ethiopian-Israeli youth and Israeli youth with The Unity Project. (Major: MKCL; Mentor: Dr. Debra Branch)

32. Asia Rodgers, SMU ‘15, is using art therapy to humanize and build confidence in women who have been victims of sex trafficking (Major: HRTS; Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Wheaton)

33. Ashley Romo, SMU ‘15, has developed and will carry out an observational case study of a physician in Panama and in the U.S. to examine similarities and differences in medical practice of two cultures. (Major: BIOL, PSYC; Mentor: Dr. James Calvert)

34. Tyrell Russell, SMU ‘16, is researching and will assess the activity of inhibitors of P-glycoprotein in sensitizing triple negative breast cancer cells to various chemotherapeutics. (Major: BIOL; Mentor: Dr. John Wise)

35. Gopika Shah, SMU ‘15, while interning at international anti-trafficking agencies in India and the U.S., is comparing policy effects on non-profit restoration and victim aftercare. (Major: ECON, PLSC; Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Wheaton)

36. Jaime Sisson, SMU ‘15, is creating an English literacy and citizenship preparation program for staff employees at SMU. (Major: SPAN; Mentor: Ms. Linda Evans)

37. Justin Thomas, SMU ‘15, is developing a health education program aimed at children through community surveys of current eating and exercise habits coupled with investigation into currently offered community health and education resources in West Dallas. (Major: PSYC; Mentor: Ms. Regina Nippert)

38. Courtney Thrower, SMU ‘15, is working with Global Medical Brigades to develop a cultural study of nutritional habits and customs of marginal community in Panama and, while there, plans to conduct a lecture on nutritional health. (Major: BIOL; Mentor: Ms. Megan Knapp)

39. Macartney Welborn, SMU ‘15, is creating multifunctional thiols from the reaction between chlorosilanes and mercaptoalcohols, allowing for greater flexibility in regards to practical applications. (Major: BIOL, CHEM; Mentor: Dr. David Son)

40. Lucy Yu, SMU ‘15, returning to work with Medical Brigades in Panama this summer, is coordinating a doctor shadowing program for SMU pre-health students with the intent to develop a SMU Medical Brigades student organization. (Major: MATH, CHEM; Mentor: Ms. Miroslava Detcheva)