2013 Dedman College News Archives

2013 Dedman College News

iTV, US Mega Millions jackpot could swell to $1bn record - (12/31/2013)

Paper City Mag, Tailored to Perfection - (12/31/2013)

YouTube, Celebration of Lights 2013 - (12/31/2013)

YouTube, SMU In The News 2013 - (12/31/2013)

SMU, Human Rights Experts Remember Freedom Fighter and Humanitarian Nelson Mandela - (12/23/2013)

SMU Website, SMU scholars remember extraordinary life of freedom fighter and humanitarian Nelson Mandela - (12/23/2013)

YouTube, Professor of Earth Sciences at SMU talks with reporters about a study of earthquakes in North Texas - (12/23/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Are marathoners annoying? Do they have a right to be? - (12/16/2013)

Dallas Morning Views Blog, Texas Faith: How do you assess Nelson Mandela’s complex legacy? - (12/16/2013)

USA Today, What Dallas pastors preached the Sunday after JFK died - (12/16/2013)

YouTube, NEWSNIGHT: Delivering on Lincoln's promise - (12/14/2013)

SMU Blog, Gut reaction of marital partners could foretell their marriage satisfaction - (12/13/2013)

SMU Website, 2013 SMU Maguire Public Scholar Lecture featured Robert J. Howell - (12/13/2013)

The Republic, California caller whispered of JFK's death minutes before shooting - (12/13/2013)

Wicked Local, Nov. 22, 1963: A timeline of President Kennedy's final hours - (12/13/2013)

Wiley Online Library, Google Morals, Virtue, and the Asymmetry of Deference by Robert J. Howell - (12/13/2013)

Science Mag, Though They May Be Unaware, Newlyweds Implicitly Know Whether Their Marriage Will Be Satisfying - (12/12/2013)

Fine Books, Bright Young Librarians: John McQuillen - (12/9/2013)

City of Hate, Dallas and the Assassination - (12/5/2013)

UPI, Husbands with hot wife more satisfied, wives not so much - (12/5/2013)

Fort Worth Business Press, Evolution edits unlikely in Texas science books - (12/4/2013)

Scientific American, A Modest Proposal: 3-D Printing of Fossils Still Trapped in Matrix, redux - (12/4/2013)

The New York Times, Who Made That Redskins Logo? - (11/27/2013)

Journal Star, JFK: The orator - great Kennedy speeches still applicable today - (11/26/2013)

KERA News, The $97 Million Vote: One Voter With Personal Ties Decides A Huge Project In Dallas - (11/26/2013)

SMU Dedman College Website, The 14th Advances in Econometrics Conference - (11/26/2013)

SMU News, SMU dean named Hendrix College president - (11/26/2013)

Star Telegram, Texas ... Gold standard, or fool’s gold? - (11/26/2013)

Alinget, Kennedy's greatest political victories and defeats - (11/25/2013)

Huffington Post, Fifty Years After JFK, Millennials Cross-Examine Boomer Generation - (11/25/2013)

Mail Tribune, Great quotes from Kennedy speeches - (11/25/2013)

The Globe and Mail, Dallas still struggles to shake its reputation as the ‘City of Hate’ - (11/25/2013)

Washington Post, What Dallas pastors preached the Sunday after JFK was killed - (11/25/2013)

Fox Las Vegas, 3 experts, 3 answers: Who killed JFK? - (11/22/2013)

KERA News, The Hate Letters: Sorting Through The Dallas Mayor's Mailbag After JFK Was Shot - (11/22/2013)

News Daily, Kennedy legacy: charismatic but unfulfilled - (11/22/2013)

OUL Noticias, Kennedy deixa herança de ideais, mas conquistas são limitadas - (11/22/2013)

VOA News, JFK Assassination a Case Study in Live Television News Coverage - (11/22/2013)

CBS DFW, ACA Rollout Unsteady Despite Obamacare 'Fix' - (11/21/2013)

Fox DFW, New video alleges Enroll America official conspired to pass along personal data - (11/21/2013)

Houston Chronicle, Wetherington, Egan: It's time for science texts to evolve - (11/21/2013)

Huffington Post, Mosasaur Cannibalism? Fossilized 'Sea Monster' Found In Angola With Three Others In Its Belly - (11/15/2013)

PDF, Southern Methodist University Professor Wins the American Historical Association’s 2013 John F. Richards Prize in South Asian History - (11/15/2013)

PDF, 2013 American Academy of Religion Book Awards Announced - (11/15/2013)

PDF, American Academy of Religion Book awards SMU history professor, A. Azfar Moin - (11/8/2013)

San Antonio Business Journal, SMU researcher touts geothermal energy potential of Eagle Ford wells - (11/8/2013)

SMU Website, Physics postdoctoral fellow Julia Hoffmann poses for a photo in CERN with Nobel Prize theorist Peter W. Higgs - (11/8/2013)

YouTube, LARK Blackboard - Christiaan Ketelaar - Thin Film Rupture - (11/8/2013)

Physics postdoctoral fellow Julia Hoffmann poses for a photo in CERN with Nobel Prize theorist Peter W. Higgs. - (11/6/2013)

National Geographic, Survival Guide: Boiling Point - (11/6/2013)

San Antonio Business Journal, Measures to seek moratorium on fracking are unlikely to gain traction in Texas - (11/6/2013)

CBS DFW, Greg Abbott Focuses On Jobs & Obamacare In Run For Governor - (11/4/2013)

SMU Article, Shelby Knox presents at SMU on October 29 - (11/4/2013)

The Hill, ObamaCare debacle in spotlight - (11/4/2013)

UNL News Release, Lecture to examine role of first interracial marriages in American West - (11/4/2013)

SMU mourns loss of Associate Dean Dennis Cordell - (11/1/2013)

History professor explains why the iWatch will likely fail - (11/1/2013)

El Paso Times, Texas Lt. Gov.'s race: Undocumented student tuition rates could become an issue - (10/28/2013)

On Point, ‘The Red And The White’ And The Stories That Follow - (10/28/2013)

SMU Twitter, SMU's David Meltzer signs the Book of Members at his induction to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences Oct. 12. - (10/28/2013)

SMU Website, Four Dedman College faculty have been awarded Sam Taylor Fellowships - (10/28/2013)

National Geographic, Shakeup at Scientific American Over Sexual Harassment - (10/23/2013)

Four Dedman College faculty have been awarded Sam Taylor Fellowships - (10/23/2013)

Holocaust Survivor Shares Hist Story with SMU Students - (10/23/2013)

Dedman College Website, Holocaust Survivor to Tell Harrowing Tale October 17 at SMU - (10/22/2013)

PDF, SMU students get hands on in suture clinic - (10/22/2013)

SMU News, Acclaimed strategist Karen Hughes to receive SMU Dedman College Distinguished Graduate Award October 10 - (10/22/2013)

SMU News, SMU second in nation for social-sciences media mentions in new report - (10/22/2013)

The Missourian, World Religion classes in Columbia high schools broaden student horizons - (10/22/2013)

SMU Forum, SMU scientists celebrate Nobel Prize for Higgs discovery - (10/16/2013)

The Causes and Macroeconomic Consequences of Uncertainty Conference - (10/14/2013)

Holocaust Survivor to Tell Harrowing Tale Oct. 17 at SMU - (10/14/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Wendy Davis must work to woo Latino voters - (10/11/2013)

The Missourian, World Religion classes in Columbia high schools broaden student horizons - (10/11/2013)

Critical Mention, Professor Comments on Government Shut Down - (10/9/2013)

Dallas Observer, SMU Prof Laundry Lists Errors Made by Creationist Reviewers of High-School Biology Textbook - (10/9/2013)

USA Today, Wendy Davis formally jumps into Texas governor's race - (10/9/2013)

Area politicians have mixed responses to Cruz's marathon speech - (10/9/2013)

Paula Deen Greeted Positively in Dallas. Human Rights Professor Comments - (10/8/2013)

Univision, Disculpa pública a 40 años de asesinato - (10/4/2013)

Vimeo, BMW - Explorer Andres Ruzo - (10/4/2013)

Dallas Morning News, 40 years after son's death, Bessie Rodriguez surprised by Dallas mayor's apology - (9/30/2013)

Dallas Morning News, TEXAS FAITH: How should the U.S. respond in Syria? - (9/23/2013)

Foreign Policy, A 'Credible' Threat Likely Did Not Catalyze the Russian Syrian Gambit - (9/23/2013)

SMU Dedman College Website, Annual event brings Dedman College Scholars and supporters together for thought provoking book discussion - (9/23/2013)

The New York Times, San Antonio Passes Far-Reaching Antidiscrimination Measure - (9/23/2013)

The Missourian, Analysis: Obama seeks to hold the public's trust - (9/20/2013)

Annual event brings Dedman College Scholars and supporters together for thought provoking book discussion - (9/16/2013)

SMU Blog, Mosquito indexing system identifies best time to act against potential West Nile Virus outbreaks - (9/13/2013)

The Daily Campus, Tower Center offers new scholars program - (9/13/2013)

IBM, Andrews Distributing quenches thirst for sales growth with analytics - (9/11/2013)

CBS DFW, Politicians In Hot Water After Questionable Interactions On Social Media - (9/9/2013)

Green Biz, What's holding consumers back from buying green power? - (9/9/2013)

KERA, Health and Poverty - (9/4/2013)

Intern uses social media to save lives - (8/30/2013)

YouTube, Dr. Beth Wheaton "The Secret Life of World Changers" - (8/30/2013)

George W. Bush Institute, Finding Peace of Mind in Africa - (8/23/2013)

Medical Press, Study finds that some depressed adolescents are at higher risk for developing anxiety - (8/23/2013)

Neighbors Go, Crunching Data and Having Fun: SMU and IBM Host Analytics Camp - (8/22/2013)

Bloomberg Businessweek, Ancient Angola Crocodile Feasted on Fish as Crude Oil Formed - (8/21/2013)

SMU Website, Crunching data and having fun: SMU and IBM host analytics camp - (8/16/2013)

Huffington Post, Point the Finger at You: Who to Blame for the Zimmerman Trial? - (8/15/2013)

Culture Map Dallas, Bradley Manning verdict draws reaction from Dallas human rights activists - (8/12/2013)

George W. Bush Institute Website, A Stitch in Time Saves Lives: Cancer Surgery in Africa - (8/12/2013)

SMU, Dedman College students' photos in SMU Oxford program - (8/12/2013)

Yimg, The Face of Forgiveness - (8/12/2013)

Dallas News, UPDATE: City responds as Dallas memorials begin today for Santos Rodriguez, a boy murdered by a cop 40 years ago - (8/1/2013)

CBS DFW, Retired Officer Remembers The Night Santos Rodriguez Was Killed - (7/31/2013)

Dropbox, WFAA Rick Halperin discusses Santos Rodriguez - (7/31/2013)

KHOU, 40 years later, family hopes for apology after 12-year-old shot by Dallas police - (7/31/2013)

NBC DFW, Rally Remembers Dallas Tragedy 40 Years Later - (7/31/2013)

SMU Blog, Jessica in Washington, D.C. - (7/31/2013)

SMU Magazine, Alumnus-Faculty Collaboration Yields Game-changing West Nile Research - (7/31/2013)

The Chronicle, Understanding Evil - (7/31/2013)

Univision, Policía de Dallas mató a niño hispano - (7/31/2013)

WFAA, 40 years later, family hopes for apology after 12-year-old shot by Dallas police - (7/31/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Steve Blow: SMU professor captures time in a book - (7/30/2013)

SMU Research Website, Sweden, SMU psychologists partner to launch parenting program that reduces child abuse - (7/24/2013)

The Christian Science Monitor, School prayer: 50 years after the ban, God and faith more present than ever - (7/19/2013)

The New York Times, From America’s Busiest Death Chamber, a Catalog of Last Rants, Pleas and Apologies - (7/19/2013)

SMU Website, Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage rulings are civil rights victories - (7/17/2013)

Dallas Morning News, From reverence to kitsch, JFK assassination references in Dallas run gamut - (7/9/2013)

Las Cruces Sun News, Texas redistricting an issue again: Legislative tug of war over votes is a legacy - (7/9/2013)

Eurek Alert, SMU researcher receives Hogg Foundation grant to study childhood depression - (7/1/2013)

PDF, Megan Hinrichsen wins P.E.O. Scholar Award - (6/28/2013)

YouTube, Educating for a 'Christian America': Religion and the Texas Social Studies Controversy - (6/27/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Classes at SMU, other colleges cover JFK assassination in depth - (6/26/2013)

News Medical, New chemical probe confirms that hydrogen sulfide is generated by body's growing cells - (6/26/2013)

Huffington Post Canada, Will surveillance, IRS scandals tarnish Obama's presidential legacy? - (6/25/2013)

ABC News, NC Protests Split on Bible's Message to Help Poor - (6/21/2013)

SMU Blog, Jewel in New Jersey - (6/20/2013)

SMU Blog, Lade in Bali - (6/20/2013)

C-SPAN, The Presidency: President Bush & German Reunification - (6/19/2013)

SMU Blog, Russia awards SMU’s Weber $3 million for research lab to study diversity, social interactions - (6/19/2013)

SMU Forum, Four named 2013-15 Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professors - (6/19/2013)

The Hill, Dark skies brighten for Holder - (6/17/2013)

Facebook, SMU physics professors recently entertained a group of Garland elementary school students at the SMU Physics Circus - (6/14/2013)

SMU Website, As Texas approaches its 500th execution - (6/14/2013)

SMU Website, SMU graduate’s passion for politics fuels dreams of high office - (6/11/2013)

Bloomberg Businessweek, Texas Public School Bible Classes Criticized as Unconstitutional - (6/7/2013)

Fox News, Oldest dinosaur embryos ever discovered? - (6/7/2013)

Vine, Dedman College professor uses a fire extinguisher to demonstrate maneuvering in zero gravity - (6/7/2013)

WFAA, North Texas family takes higher education to a new level - (6/7/2013)

The Hill, White House strategy for winning immigration fight comes with some risks - (6/6/2013)

SMU Website, SMU student receives national award in green chemistry - (5/31/2013)

Dropbox, Rick Halperin speaks on 500th Execution in Texas - (5/30/2013)

Austin Statesman, Eclipsed by Cruz, Perry finds his ambitions overshadowed by rising star - (5/20/2013)

KERA News, Election Night To End Historic Dallas Council Women Majority - (5/20/2013)

National Geographic, Lost Lands Found by Scientists - (5/20/2013)

Austin Statesman, Eclipsed by Cruz, Perry finds his ambitions overshadowed by rising star - (5/15/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Reverend Solalinde makes a Dallas visit to speak out against abuse of immigrants - (5/15/2013)

SMU Website, Presenting physics research in Italy’s mountains - (5/15/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Nora Abdullah: Syrian torture and chaos hit close to home - (5/13/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Rahfin Faruk: A Muslim child of immigrants, but always an American first - (5/13/2013)

SMU Website, SMU Anthropologist David Meltzer elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences - (5/13/2013)

SMU Website, SMU students working as Bush Center interns value life-changing experiences - (5/13/2013)

YouTube, SMU and IBM collaborate through the IBM SMART Program - (5/13/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Boston, 9/11, Oklahoma bombing case challenge us all: Can you forgive? - (5/1/2013)

Dallas Morning News, Don't fear shift into a blended society; it's always been here, SMU Historian says - (4/26/2013)

SMU Blog, Death Penalty Symposium at SMU April 15 - 18 - (4/26/2013)

The New York Times, Is Organic Better? Ask a Fruit Fly - (4/26/2013)

United Methodist Church Website, Mary Magdalene: Apostle or harlot? - (4/24/2013)

Vimeo, Neighborhood Stories: Dolphin Heights - (4/22/2013)

AVMA, The Gender Gap - (4/18/2013)

SMU Blog, Caught Green - Handed - (4/12/2013)

New Scientist, Growing a family alongside a science career - (4/1/2013)

Women's Health, How to face your fears - and crush them! - (3/28/2013)

Dallas South News, Researchers: Holocaust numbers are worse than we thought - (3/22/2013)

Fox DFW, George P. Bush garnering support from North Texans - (3/20/2013)

Interfaith Alliance, Teaching the bible at public schools in Texas - (3/20/2013)

Houston Chronicle, Bible courses a mixed bag in school - (3/19/2013)

Interfaith Alliance Website, Teaching the bible at public schools in Texas - (3/19/2013)

SMU Blog, SMU Civil Rights Pilgrimage - (3/19/2013)

SMU Blog, SMU Adventures: Political Science in Washington - (3/19/2013)

SMU Blog, Renee McDonald receives grant from Verizon Foundation for Project Support - (3/19/2013)

Book TV, Jeffrey Engel talks about his book on C-SPAN - (3/18/2013)

CNN, CNN explores gender shift in the medical fields; talks to Associate Professor of Sociology Anne Lincoln - (3/18/2013)

Texas Monthly, How Texas public schools teach the Bible - (3/18/2013)

Vimeo, Watch Chris Sims at the Advances in Econometrics Conference - (3/18/2013)

WSJ, Willard Spiegelman reviews the Perot Museum for Wall Street Journal - (3/18/2013)

YouTube, SMU Hegi Family Career Development Center Sponsors a Career and Internship Fair - (3/18/2013)

BioPortfolio, Hiding in plain sight: How invisibility saved New Mexico's Jicarilla Apache - (3/12/2013)

CBS DFW, Anne Lincoln comments on women in workplace - (3/12/2013)

New York Times, Church, State and Bible Class in Texas - (3/12/2013)

SMU Blog, Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegelman speaks at SMU - (3/12/2013)

YouTube, SMU Features First Human Rights Graduates - (3/12/2013)

D Magazine, North Texas Food Bank Funds Hunger Study - (3/6/2013)

Parenting Magazine, Hereditary Traits- What Kids Get From Parents - (3/6/2013)

RIEB, Koby University, Santanu ROY joins RIEB as Research Fellow - (3/6/2013)

Science Daily, Paleontologist Timothy Myers finds Jurassic ecosystems were similar to modern - (3/6/2013)

USA Today, Quotes Cal Jillson on gun control - (3/6/2013)

C-Span2, Into the Desert: Reflections on the Gulf War on C-Span2 - (2/25/2013)

SMU Adventures Blog, Earth Sciences in Jamaica - (2/6/2013)

SMU Adventures Blog, Meeting Women in Physics - (2/6/2013)

Dallas News, Dean Tsutsui speaks during Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Week Activities - (1/28/2013)

Health Magazine, Happy in marriage, heavier on the scale? - (1/28/2013)

Huffington Post, Texas Bible classes problematic - (1/28/2013)

Parenting Magazine, Hereditary Traits: What Kids Get from Parents - (1/28/2013)

Science Daily, Jurassic ecosystems were similar to modern: Animals flourish among lush plants - (1/28/2013)

Austin Chronicle, Texas education is a mess of biblical proportions - (1/25/2013)

New York Times, In Texas, Resistance to a Renewed Call for an Annual Roundup of Legislators - (1/6/2013)