Dedman College News

2012 Dedman College News

San Antonio Express News, Cal Jillson, Castro to Pen Autobiography - (12/14/2012)

Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Cal Jillson discusses San Antonio Mayor's tax hike on preschool program for poor - (12/12/2012)

Dallas Morning News, Scott Noris Describes Odds of Turning 12 on 12-12-12 - (12/12/2012)

ISEM Newsletter Fall 2012 - (12/6/2012)

Canadian Press, Cal Jillson, With Rove's Face Time Reduced on Fox, is Sun Setting on Career as power broker? - (12/6/2012)

Daily Campus, Louis Jacobs, Getting to Bare Bones with Campus Paleontologist - (12/3/2012)

Dallas Morning News, SMU contributes fossils, expertise to new Perot Museum in ongoing scientific collaboration - (12/3/2012)

Front Burner D Magazine, Matthew Wilson, Front Burner D Magazine, Matthew Wilson, Pete Sessions’ Seat Could Soon Be Turning - (11/29/2012)

Salt Lake City Desert News, Matthew Wilson, Huntsman Association with No Label Group Could Hurt His Future with GOP - (11/29/2012)

ABC News Nightline, Scott Norris, Powerball Fever Sweeps the Nation, Fuels $550 Million Jackpot - (11/28/2012)

French, Brigitte Kovacevich, SMU Professor's Rub Off Maya's 2012 Prediction as a Myth - (11/28/2012)

Austin American-Statesman, Cal Jillson, Austin Congressman Expected to Chair Homeland Security Panel - (11/27/2012)

The Hill, Cal Jillson, Blue Dog Democrats Fight for Relevance - (11/25/2012)

National Catholic Reporter, Charles Curran, Bernard Haring, Bernard Haring a Witness of Creitical Love for the Church - (11/24/2012)

Dallas Morning News, James Hollifield, SMU to Host Yearlong Series of JFK Programs on 5oth Anniversary of Assassination - (11/22/2012)

CBS DFW, Jeffrey Engel, North Texans React to Cease Fire in Middle East - (11/21/2012)

Dallas Morning News, Jillian Frederick, Refugees in Dallas Donate Field Work to Grow Produce for the Hungry - Jillian Frederick, an anthropolgy major, is here as part of the service component in her program (11/21/2012)

Dallas Morning News, James Hollifield, SMU, Bush Library, Sixth Floor Museum Plan Academic Series Surrounding 50th Anniversary of JFK Assasination - (11/21/2012)

Dallas Morning News, Matthew Wilson, Pete Sessions' Texas Congressional District Safely Republican for Now, But population changing - (11/20/2012)

Dallas Morning News, Sarah Feuerbacher, Post-Electoin Moaning -- and Gloating -- Shows How Much We Care - (11/17/2012)

Bubblelife, Maria Richards, SMU Panel Tackles Texas Energy Future - (11/15/2012)

El Paso Times, Cal Jillson, El Paso County's Congressman Beto O'Rourk and Pete Gallego Have High Ambitions for Rookie Year - (11/11/2012)

Austin American-Statesman, Cal Jillson, Texas GOP Leaders Strive to Reach Out to Hispanics - (11/10/2012)

New York Daily News, Cal Jillson, Shot Clock Ticking for Obama 2.0 - (11/10/2012)

Foxs News Latino, Cal Jillson, George P. Bush Begins Road to White House - (11/9/2012)

SMU Student/Teacher Team Awarded APS Hyer Award - (11/8/2012)

Houston Chronicle, Cal Jillson, Analysis: Texas, Obama's America rarely see eye to eye - (11/8/2012)

Austin Statesman, Cal Jillson, GOP remains firmly in charge of Texas - (11/7/2012)

New York Daily News, Cal Jillson, Obama campaign attack ads appeared effective - (11/7/2012)

Dallas Observer, Human Rights, How IBM Helped the Holocaust: A Discussion at SMU on Wednesday - (11/6/2012)

Bubblelife, SMU Political Experts/ Political Experts Talk Election Day Possibilities - (11/5/2012)

National Journal, Cal Jillson, Potential Ascension of Texans, Michiganders Ruffles Some Feathers - (11/2/2012)

Huffington Post/Anne Lincoln/ Gender Bias and the Sciences - (11/1/2012)

Fort Worth Weekly, Cal Jillson, Who Watches the Pollwatchers? - (10/31/2012)

Phys.Org, Louis Jacobs, SMU Professor Louis Jacobs Honored with Prestigious Award from Texas Science Teachers - (10/31/2012)

Bio Medicine, Louis Jacobs, SMU professor Louis Jacobs honored with prestigious award from Texas science teachers - (10/31/2012)

Bio Portfolio, Louis Jacobs, SMU professor Louis Jacobs honored with prestigious award from Texas science teachers - (10/31/2012)

Dallas Morning News, Rick Halperin, FilmMatters symposium this Saturday: The clean water crisis - (10/31/2012)

Canadian Press, Cal Jillson, Obama, Romney Suspend Campaigning as Hurricane Sandy Bears Down on East Coast - (10/29/2012)

Dallas Morning News, Cal Jillson, SMU and North Dallas Chamber to Host Real Estate Symposium - (10/29/2012)

FW Star Telegram, Cal Jillson, Early Voting Tops 200,00 in Tarrant County - (10/29/2012)

Austin American Statesman, Ruth Morgan, Dallas Offers Lessons on Good, Bad of District Representation - (10/28/2012)

El Paso Times, Cal Jillson, El Paso's Hispanic Population Influences Distruct 23 Race - (10/28/2012)

White Rock Lake Weekly, Rick Halperin, Human Rights Focus of Talk - (10/28/2012)

FW Star Telegram, Cal Jillson, Candidates in General Election Can Win with Less than a Majority - (10/27/2012)

USA Today, Tom Knock, Final Farewell Set for Former Senator George McGovern - (10/26/2012)

National Geographic, John Graf, New Coelacanth Species Discovered in Texas - (10/26/2012)

Scientific American, Matthew Hornbach, Gulf Stream Shift Linked to Methane Gas Escaping from Seabeds - (10/26/2012)

Houston Chronicle, Cal Jillson, 3 Seats up for Grabs on State's Highest Civil Court - (10/26/2012)

Voice of America, John Graf, New 100-Million-Year-Old Fish Discovered in Texas - (10/25/2012)

Phys.Org, John Graf, 100 Million-Year-Old Coelacanth Discovered in Texas is New Fish Species from Cretaceous - (10/24/2012)

EPOnline, John Graf, 100 Million-Year-Old Coelacanth Fish Species Discovered in Texas - (10/24/2012)

Science News, Gulf Stream Might be Releasing Seafloor Methane - Benjamin Phrampus, Dedman grad student conducts first study to suggest that methane hydrate melting is related to ocean currents. (10/24/2012)

KUT News, Cal Jillson, Looking Back at the Republican Decade - (10/23/2012)

The Texas Tribune, Cal Jillson, Looking Back at Texas' Republican Decade - (10/23/2012)

Renewable Energy World.Com, Geothermal Energy Research, Geothermal Innovations, Part 1: Redesigning Reservoir Design from the Subsurface Up - (10/23/2012)

Reuters, Cal Jillson, Obama and Romney Meet for Final Debate as Race Tightens - (10/22/2012)

Innovations Report, Brian Stump/Chris Hayward, World's Largest Subwoofer: Earthquakes 'Pump' Ground to Produce Infrasound - (10/22/2012)

Phys.Org, Anne Lincoln, Gender Discrimination a Reason Why Females Choose Careers Outside the Hard Sciences - (10/22/2012)

Washington Examiner, Cal Jillson, Different Debate Tactics Reflect Changes in Campaign Landscape - (10/22/2012)

Minnestoa Public Radio, Tom Knock, George McGovern, Presidential Candidate and Liberal Icon, Dies at 90 - (10/21/2012)

New York Daily News, Cal Jillson, Libya Crisis Shadows Obama in Final Presidential Debate - (10/20/2012)

Discover Magazine, David Blackwell, The Future of Energy: Earth, Wind, and Water - (10/19/2012)

Houston Chronicle, Cal Jillson, Texans Big on Bankrolling GOP Candidates - (10/19/2012)

Science Daily, Brian Stump, World's Largest Subwoofer: Earthquakes 'Pump' Ground to Produce Infrasound - (10/18/2012)

Kansas City Star, Cal Jillson, Cornyn Drives GOP's Senate Effort But the Road Has Turned Unexpectedly Rocky - (10/17/2012)

North Dallas Gazette, Rick Halperin, 'Gendercide' Documentary at the Angelika Thursday Night - (10/17/2012)

Star Telegram, Matthew Wilson, Candidates Miss Chance to Connect with Voters - (10/16/2012)

Houston Chronicle, Cal Jillson, Paul Sadler Inches Forward, Still Miles Behind Ted Cruz in Fundraising - (10/16/2012)

Public Radio International, David Blackwell, New Project Seeks to Develop Dormant Volcano into Power Space - (10/15/2012)

San Antonio Express News, Cal Jillson - Canseco, Gallego in Funds Battle - (10/15/2012)

Christian Science Monitor, Cal Jillson, Election 2012: How Romney Might Lead on New Washington Terrain - (10/14/2012)

Houston Chronicle, Cal Jillson, This Time Around, Perry Wants to Talk - (10/14/2012)

Reuters, Cal Jillson, Democrats' Hopes Rest on Biden in Highstakes Debate - (10/11/2012)

Chicago Tribune, Cal Jillson, Ryan, Biden Clash on Foreign and Domestic Policy in Feisty Debate - (10/11/2012)

Fort Worth Weekly, Cal Jillson, The Giant Still Sleeps, How long until Hispanics unleash their full voting power? - (10/10/2012)

WTAQ News Talk, Cal Jillson, Five Things to Watch in the U.S. Vice Presidential Debate - (10/9/2012)

Landon Banister (Hamilton Scholar, 2010-2011) wins Texas APS Hyer Award - One of our Hamilton Scholars, Landon Banister (9/25/2012)

The SMU Particle Physics Group sponsors QuarkNet Workshop - (9/25/2012)

Scientist Barriers to Research Utlilizing Public Access - Professor Anne Lincoln of the SMU Department of Sociology co-authored a study about the barriers scientists face when conducting research which depends on public outreach. Professor Lincoln co-authored the study with two scientists from Rice University with funding from the National Science Foundation. (5/15/2012)

Professor Roos Co-Authors Ponderosa Pines Study - Professor Christopher Roos of the SMU Department of Anthropology co-authored an unprecedented study that relied on more than 1,500 years of tree-ring data and hundreds of years of fire-scar records for the Ponderosa Pine forests in the southwest United States. (5/15/2012)

Embrey Human Rights Program Gets National Press - Professor Rick Halperin's book introduction for James Disco's new graphic novel entitled "Echoes of the Lost Boys of Sudan" gives SMU's Embrey Human Rights Program national press. (5/14/2012)

Professor Shiao on Chinese Activist Chen Guangcheng - History and Political Science Professor Ling Shiao, who specializes in the history of social and intellectual movements in modern China, writes about recent events with civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng. (5/11/2012)

Dedman Student Kimberly Mendoza's Summer in Guatemala - Biology and Chemistry double major Kimberly Mendoza blogs about her SMU Engaged Learning summer research on the health beliefs, practices, and traditions of the indigenous Mayan people in Guatemala.

The Center for Drug Discovery, Design, and Delivery (CD4) - Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences announces a novel multidisciplinary focus for scientific research: The Center for Drug Discovery, Design, and Delivery (CD4). (5/7/2012)

Dedman Undergraduates are Engaged Learners - In the coming academic year, 37 SMU students from throughout the University will take on special projects of their own design in research, civic engagement, creative work and internships.
They are all part of the 2012-13 Unbridled Project, part of the SMU Engaged Learning initiative.  (5/1/2012)

Despite Belief WIC Improves Infant Health, New Study Finds No Positive or Negative Impact - SMU Economist Manan Roy's study of the WIC food voucher program finds women severely underreported having received WIC food vouchers and that the “poorest of the poor” sign up for the programs. This is the first study to simultaneously account for both. (4/17/2012)

Cooley Conducts Dark Matter Research - SMU’s Department of Physics Professor Jodi Cooley is a member of the global scientific consortium called SuperCryogenic Dark Matter Search – a group of scientists searching for “dark matter” – the glue that represents 80 percent of the matter in our universe. (4/3/2012)

2012-2013 Clements Research Fellows Announced - The Clements Center for Southwest Studies announces Research Fellowships for the 2012 - 2013 academic year. Fellowships are awarded annually for study in the areas of Southwestern America and Texas History. (3/27/2012)

The "God Particle" Has Been Observed - Physicists from SMU and around the globe were euphoric Wednesday with the revelation that a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson "God particle" has been observed.

Professor Roos' Research on CBS - SMU fire anthropologist Christopher Roos' research on US megafires in the Southwest gets national attention on CBS This Morning.

Insulin-resistant Fruit Fly Research - SMU biologist Dr. Johannes Bauer has developed an insulin-resistant fruit fly that now can serve as a highly relevant and efficient model for studying Type 2 diabetes in humans. His research was published in Molecular Basis of Disease.

Women Scientists Research Overlooked? - SMU sociologist Anne Lincoln's writes about discrimination against women in STEM fields was featured in Txchnologist blog. Dubbed "the Mathilda Effect," Lincoln has shown that women in the STEM areas do not receive the same recognition for their research and achievements as do men in those fields.

Circadian Clock Research - Department of Chemistry Professor Brian Zoltowski talks about his research and his recent Herman Frasch Foundation grant award to study plant circadian clocks.

Christian Science Monitor, Cal Jillson, Hurricane Sandy and the Presidential Election -

Wall Street Journal, Willard Spiegelman, Professor Spiegelman Reviews the Kimbell at 40: An Evoloving Masterpiece Exhibit and Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum -

Dallas Morning News, Matthew Wilson, TEXAS FAITH: After the election, how do we become one? -

Toronto Star, Ernest Jouriles, Parents have a key role to play in teaching healthy relationship skills -