Dedman College Mission

Students Walking With ColumnsDedman College is the academic heart of Southern Methodist University.

We are committed to the promise and reality of a liberal arts education as essential preparation for life and career. Through both discipline-based and interdisciplinary learning, Dedman College students gain the analytical, creative and practical skills necessary for professional success and personal growth in a rapidly changing world. Our focus is educating the whole person and preparing students to be passionate, self-reflective, globally aware and civically engaged leaders and citizens.

We are equally committed to pursuing new knowledge and bringing benefit to society through research. Dedman College fosters the process of discovery across the humanities and sciences, seeking innovation and insight through pure and applied research. Driven by the conviction that research and teaching in the liberal arts must be intimately linked, we strive to engage undergraduate and graduate students directly in the process of problem-solving and scholarly exploration.

Learning, teaching and working at an institution like SMU is a privilege not available to everyone, so we are keenly aware of our responsibility to use education to serve society. We are especially committed to serving Dallas by stimulating a rich intellectual and cultural life for the community, partnering with a wide range of local organizations and contributing to the prosperity and dynamism of a rising global city. In educating new generations of leaders and opening new frontiers through research, Dedman College is a vibrant resource for the state, the nation and the world.