BBA Admissions

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BBA Admissions

Prospective students begin the admission process by applying for admission through the SMU Office of Admissions. After being admitted to SMU, students can be admitted to the Cox School of Business in one of three ways: by invitation prior to enrolling at SMU as a member of the BBA Scholars Program or Business Direct Program or by completing the regular business school admission requirements (normally in the sophomore year). SMU first-year applicants who list a business major as their primary academic interest on their application to SMU are automatically considered for admission as BBA Scholars and Business Direct.

BBA Admission Requirements 

The majority of business majors enter the Cox School of Business in the spring of their sophomore year, after completing the Cox BBA admission requirements for current SMU students. Students may be admitted by this method from within SMU, or as transfer students from external institutions. To be admitted, students must have earned at least 39 academic hours and must earn a specified cumulative GPA upon completion of the business subset (a group of seven courses). Our admission requirements are objective and every student who meets them will be admitted to the Cox undergraduate program!

The business subset courses are:

  • Discernment & Discourse 1312
  • Discernment & Discourse 1313*
  • Economics 1311
  • Economics 1312
  • Math 1309/1337
  • Statistics 2301/2331 (or approved alternative course)
  • Accounting 2301 

*DISC 1313 is not included in subset for those that entered SMU in fall 2014- summer 2016 terms.