Student in Cox Quad

MBA Dual Degree Programs

MA/MBA Program

The MA/MBA Program is offered jointly by the Meadows School of Arts and the Cox School of Business. This program offers you the opportunity to develop contemporary general management skills with an in-depth study of today's professional art world. This philosophy is based on the premise that a successful career in arts management is founded in a thorough knowledge of modern business skills coupled with an understanding and appreciation of the arts. The course of the program is 22 months, including a study abroad in the fall of the second year. Click here for details of the MA/MBA curriculum.

JD/MBA Program

The JD/MBA  dual degree program has been established so that an individual may integrate his or her educational experience in business and law. Because management personnel and corporate attorneys have individual considerations and goals, by taking law and business courses simultaneously the student may achieve an understanding of commercial affairs from two different points of view. The course of the program is four years.  This program can also be completed by students pursuing both their law and business degrees on a part-time basis. Click here for details of the JD/MBA curriculum.