When you enroll in the Executive MBA program at the SMU Cox School of Business, you're embarking on a life-changing experience that will challenge how you think, plan, communicate and act—in the world of work and beyond. Taught by some of the best business professors in America, the EMBA program is a broad-based, fast-paced, in-depth global leadership experience designed for to prepare you for the executive level.

Your peers in the program are top minds in business from a wide range of industries and disciplines. On alternating weekends over 21 months, you'll learn, grow and evolve together through classes, study groups, and networking activities. This dynamic, "cohort" approach challenges you with new insights and broader perspectives. Together, you'll transform what you learn in the classroom into real-world solutions for today's business environment.

The SMU Cox EMBA program will enhance your ability to think globally, plan holistically and implement strategically. The knowledge, connections and confidence you gain have the power to transform your career.