Custom Training Solutions

Custom Business Education Solutions

All of our custom business education solutions draw on the business acumen of the SMU Cox faculty—proven experts with a mastery of business theory and unmatched real-world experience. SMU faculty members not only teach in one of the nation’s highest-regarded graduate business programs—they also conduct groundbreaking research and solve tough business problems for leading corporations worldwide.

Competition, outsourcing, stiffer regulation, globalization, partnering, retiring baby boomers, mergers and acquisitions. As a business leader, you face complex issues like these at every turn. So how does your organization navigate today’s increased volatility to achieve its goals? You need skilled leaders, ongoing coaching and an effective leadership development strategy.

In companies around the world, longstanding leaders are nearing retirement and new leaders are needed to take their place. Firms are facing a significant knowledge and experience gap—especially in technical areas where younger leaders may lack important expertise.

In response, many forward-thinking organizations are turning to cost-effective custom solutions from SMU Cox Executive Education. We deliver custom education, executive coaching and consulting solutions that help your high-potential leaders attain critical business and leadership skills faster to fill the leadership gap.

The process is collaborative from start to finish. You’ll meet with SMU Cox custom business education solutions and faculty experts to define your current situation, identify needs and chart measures of success. Then we’ll develop targeted solutions that meet your challenges head on—from education, training and executive coaching to succession planning, organizational development, leadership competency models and globalization strategies. And we’ll deliver these solutions when and where you need them. Call us at 214-768-3335 today to arrange a consultation with a custom solutions specialist. With a custom solution from SMU Cox Executive Education, you’ll strengthen your organization’s performance today and create the leadership bench strength you need for long-term success.


Powerful Solutions through Collaboration

Phase one: Analysis

  • Discovery of your current systems, policies, and organizational culture by SMU Cox Executive Education custom solutions specialist
  • Discussion between your leadership team and solutions specialist to identify specific needs and define success
  • Creation of program recommendations by solutions specialist based on discovery
  • Agreement on program content, recommended delivery and faculty

Phase two: Development

  • Provision of detailed program design and content specifications by solutions specialist
  • Letter of agreement signed defining cost, payment options and contracted services

Phase three: Delivery

  • Delivery of program by SMU Cox faculty
  • Collection of program evaluation data to ensure on-going improvement and adaptation

Phase four: Application and assessment

  • Monitoring of application of learning
  • Revision of program as needed for future iterations

Custom Learning Solutions - A Collaborative Approach

We'll work with you to create learning experiences that focus on your most complex problems—challenges that require in-depth thinking, application of new knowledge and cross-organizational cooperation. Learning activities focus on direct experience and interaction that encourage participants to work out fresh approaches to your organization’s most pressing issues.

We can develop programs for groups of any size at any level. And we can deliver them in the location and format that work best for you—from standalone seminars to modules spaced over time—on campus or onsite. Complementary activities before, during and after the program are a powerful way to promote retention and application of new knowledge and skills. To design a solution that meets your objectives, we use a four-phase process of discovery, development, delivery and assessment. This collaborative approach ensures that we hear, understand and address your specific business challenges.

For more information about custom learning solutions contact Bill Joiner, Director of Business Development, at 214-768-4715 or