Information Technology & Operations Management (ITOM)

ITOM Academic Programs

The Cox School’s ITOM Programs prepare graduate students for successful management careers in the fast-growing and increasingly important fields of business analytics, information technology, operations management and management consulting.

MBA Business Analytics Concentration

Business Analytics in the Modern Enterprise

Business Analytics is a collection of technologies and analytical methods that enables companies to be more competitive in today’s digital economy. The BA concentration prepares you to take on leadership roles in analytics projects and organizations, or to champion data-driven decision-making as management consultants.

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MBA Information & Operations Management Concentration

Global Networked Enterprises

Information technology increasingly shapes the key business processes of modern organizations. The IOM concentration prepares you to take on leadership roles in the operations and technology management areas in all types of enterprises, and also prepares you for management consulting focused on digital transformation and business process innovation. 

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MS in Business Analytics

Data-Driven Decision Modeling and Planning

Effective modeling and analysis of large amounts of complex, multifaceted and multidimensional data is increasingly critical in our Big Data world. The MSBA program teaches you to become critical players in data-driven analysis of business processes, through broad and robust training in analytics methods, tools and technologies, combined with a thorough understanding of business processes, business functions and project management.

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Graduate Business Analytics Certificate Program

The Graduate Business Analytics Certificate Program is designed to help you transform the terabytes of data that bombard your organization into business intelligence you can use to drive efficiency, maximize your technology investment and strengthen your customer relationships. In a knowledge-intensive economy, success depends on your company’s ability to exploit its available knowledge resources and you can gain those skills with this business intelligence certification.

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