Finance Department

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Selected Faculty Publications

Mattia Landoni, Tax distortions and bond issue pricing. Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, forthcoming.

Bessembinder, H., Maxwell, W., Jacobsen, S., and K. Venkataraman, Capital Commitment and Illiquidity in Corporate Bonds, Journal of Finance, 2017, forthcoming.

Boyson, Nicole; Gantchev, Nickolay, and Anil Shivdasani. Activism Mergers. Journal of Financial Economics, 2017, forthcoming.

Baruch, S., Panayides, M., and K. Venkataraman, Informed Trading and Price Discovery before Corporate Events, 2017, Journal of Financial Economics, forthcoming. 

Gantchev, Nickolay; Jotikasthira, Chotibhak; Institutional Trading and Hedge Fund Activism, 2016, Management Science, forthcoming.

Kirilenko, Andrei, Kyle, Albert S., Samadi, Mehrdad, and Tuzun, Tugkan, The Flash Crash: High Frequency Trading in an Electronic Market, 2017, Journal of Finance, 72:967-998. (Lead Article)

Anand, A., and K. Venkataraman, Market Conditions, Fragility and the Economics of Market Making, 2016, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 121 (2), 327-349.

Bessembinder, H., Carrion, A., Tuttle, L., and K. Venkataraman, Liquidity, Resiliency and Market Quality around Predictable Trades: Theory and Evidence, 2016, Journal of Financial Economics, Volume 121 (1), 142-166. 

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Mattia Landoni; Tax distortions and bond issue pricing. Journal of Financial Economics, 2018, forthcoming.

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