Seminar Series

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Finance Department Seminar Series

The Finance Seminar Series brings leading academics from world-class business schools and economics departments to campus to present their unpublished research, freely exchanging ideas and feedback with their counterparts at Cox.

Fall 2017


Date Guest speaker Affiliation Paper Room Time
 09/22/17  Jefferson Duarte Rice University
Does the PIN model mis-identify private information
and if so, what is the alternative?
354 Maguire     10:30 AM 
9/29/17 Andrew Ellul Indiana University  Career Risk and Market Discipline in Asset Management 354 Maguire
10:30 AM
10/27/17  Kris Jacobs University of Houston  Leverage and the Cross-Section of Equity Returns 354 Maguire    10:30 AM
11/03/17   Selale Tuzel University of Southern California  Economic Stimulus at the Expense of Routine-Task Jobs 354 Maguire 10:30 AM
12/01/17  Pradeep Yadav University of Oklahoma  Liquidity Provision Under Stress: Trading Frequency, Automation, and Anonymity  354 Maguire 10:30 AM
12/08/17 Huseyin Gulen Purdue University  The Use of Asset Growth in Empirical Asset Pricing Models  354 Maguire     10:30 AM 
 01/11/18 Mariassunta Giannetti  Stockholm School of Economics    354 Maguire 10:30 AM 

"The writer... is extremely dependent on criticism and conversation if he is to avoid an undue proportion of mistakes. It is astonishing what foolish things one can temporarily believe if one thinks too long alone, particularly in economics (along with the other moral sciences), where it is often impossible to bring one’s ideas to a conclusive test either formal or experimental."

John Maynard Keynes, Preface to The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money