Master of Science Students

Master of Science in Business Analytics

M.S. in Business Analytics Curriculum

The curriculum of the Master of Science in Business Analytics program is an educational experience that provides knowledge and skills in key business analytics disciplines so students can become successful in their careers. Students will complete a total of 33 credit hours, of which 21 credit hours are core (or required) courses and 12 credit hours are electives in this one-year, lock-step program.

Fall Term - 17 credit hours

Module A Courses

MNGT 6103 Managing Your Career

MAST 6251 Applied Predictive Analytics I

ITOM 6252 Decision Models

MKTG 6258 Business Metrics

ITOM 6268 Intro to Business Process Analytics

Module B Courses

MNGT 6001 Managing Your Career

MAST 6252 Applied Predictive Analytics II

ITOM 6264 Advanced Decision Models

ITOM 6265 Database Design for Business Applications

Elective: One Course

Spring Term - 16 credit hours

Module A Courses

MNGT 6001 Managing Your Career

ITOM 6206 Business Intelligence

ITOM 6267 Data Mining

Elective: Two Courses

Module B Courses

MNGT 6001 Managing Your Career

ITOM 6219 Web and Social Media Analytics

Electives: Three Courses

Master of Science in Business Analytics Degree Summary:

  • 21 credit hours of required courses
  • 12 credit hours of elective courses
  • 33 credit hours total for Cox M.S.B.A. Degree


Students will have the option of two program specializations, or tracks, one focusing more attention on database concepts and applications (business process analytics) and the other focusing more attention on marketing research practices and consumer-centric analytics (customer analytics). All specialization electives are two credit hours. Students may choose from the following specialization electives:

Electives for Business Process Analytics Specialization
  • ITOM 6208 Managing Big Data
  • ITOM 6210 In Memory Analytics
  • ITOM 6220 Revenue Management
  • ITOM 6222 Business Forecasting
  • ITOM 6224 Analyzing Service Process
  • ITOM 6225 Project Management
  • ITOM 6226 Operations Analytics


Electives for Customer Analytics Specialization
  • MKTG 6204 Consumer Behavior
  • MKTG 6205 Customer Insights and Market Intelligence
  • MKTG 6230 Customer Loyalty Management
  • MKTG 6264 Pricing Analytics
  • MKTG 6273 Customer Value and Pricing Analytics
  • MKTG 6279 Database Marketing Using Multivariate Analysis
  • MKTG 6284 Retailing Analytics