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Try a Research Guide

Research Guides have been developed by the business librarians to enable you to find sources containing information on various business-related topics. The sources include databases, websites, and print resources.

The entire list of research guides is available from the right-side menu on the Business Library homepage. You can also select the Business Library link within business courses in Canvas to see research guides chosen to fit each class.

You can browse the various business subjects covered, such as Accounting, Companies and International Business, or you can search for terms within all the guides or within the guide you have opened.

For example, if you are looking for financial information for a particular company, you can find it

  • by opening the Companies Research Guide and then selecting the Financial Statements tab on the left

  • OR

  • by typing “company financials” in the search box and selecting Financial Statements on Companies Research Guide

Each page in the research guide will list resources with the most generally useful at the top. Under each resource is an explanation of the type of information covered and how to find the specific information being discussed within that source.

If you need assistance with using the Research Guides, Ask a Business Librarian.

You spoke; We heard: New Room Reservation System

  • Easy to use
  • No longer conflicts with your existing calendars
  • Add to any calendar (Outlook, Google, iCalendar)

If you have any questions, please contact a Business Library staff member.

Access Market Research

If you Google for market research reports, it is common to see prices in the thousands of dollars. Avoid sticker shock when looking for market research by using databases provided by SMU Libraries.

Because the data are so valuable, these databases are labeled as “Restricted,” meaning they are only available to current SMU faculty, staff, and students. When you select one of these databases from the Business Databases link, you will need to input your SMU 8-digit ID and password even when you are on campus. Then you will be asked to accept the legal document, which highlights that you are using the reports for academic purposes and not for monetary gain.

Mintel Academic provides business-to-consumer focused market research reports covering consumer packaged goods and the finance industry. Lifestyle Reports provide psychographic data on a variety of demographic  and interest groups. Mintel reports are mainly US focused.

Passport from Euromonitor includes business-to-consumer focused market research reports for countries all around the world. It also includes broader economic and industry statistics for many countries and City Reviews including economic, labor, consumer and population statistics for major cities.

Need help getting market research? Ask a Business Librarian.