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Meg Tuszynski

Meg Tuszynski

O'Neil Center

Research Assistant Professor
Assistant Director

PhD, Economics, George Mason University, 2016
MA, Economics, George Mason University, 2015
BA, Economics, Philosophy, George Mason University, 2011

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Meg is the Assistant Director of the O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, and is also a Research Associate with the Center. Her research focuses primarily on the determinants and correlates of economic freedom. A second, but related, strand of research focuses on potential for private, philanthropic organizations to provide viable alternatives to public poverty relief programs. Before joining the O’Neil Center, Meg was the Program Manager for the Spending and Budget Initiative at the Mercatus Center. She earned her PhD and MA in economics, and a dual BA in philosophy and economics, from George Mason University. Her research interests include Austrian Economics, Public Choice, New Institutional Economics, and Political Economy.


Austrian Economics

Public Choice

New Institutional Economics

Political Economy

Recent publications

“Sub-National Economic Freedom: A Review and Analysis of the Literature” (with Dean Stansel) Forthcoming in the Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy 


“Economic Freedom in the United States, 1980 to the Present” (with Dean Stansel). Economic Freedom of the World 2016 Annual Report, pp. 257-272. 


"From mixed economy to entangled political economy: a Paretian social-theoretic orientation" (with Richard Wagner). Public Choice 164(1-2) 2015: 103-116.