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Past Events

 Previous Speakers/Events have included:
  • David Henderson (Hoover Institution) on "How Economists Helped End the Draft" 
  • Walter E. Williams (George Mason University) on "The Role of Government in a Free Society"
  • Scott Sumner (George Mason University) on "The Real Problem Was Nominal: Market Monetarism and the Great Recession"
  • Tom Bell (Chapman University) on "Your Next Government? From Nation State to Stateless Nations" [Video]
  • Edward Glaeser (Harvard) on "Cities and Economic Growth" [Video]
  • John Tamny (Forbes) on "Who Needs the Fed?" [Video]
  • Garett Jones (George Mason University) 
  • Adam Martin (Texas Tech University)
  • Lars Christensen (Markets and Money Advisory)
  • Ben Powell (Texas Tech University)
  • Peter Leeson (George Mason University)
  • Michael Munger (Duke University)
  • Arthur Brooks (American Enterprise Institute)
  • Steve Forbes (Forbes)
  • Jeffrey Tucker (Liberty.me and Foundation for Economic Education)
  • David Boaz (Cato Institute)
  • Roberto Salinas-Leon (TV Azteca, Mexico)
  • Russ Roberts (Hoover Institution) on "The Search for the Weaver of Dreams" [Video]
  • Ladar Levison (Lavabit)
  • Arthur Brooks (American Enterprise Institute)
  • Art Laffer (Laffer Associates)
  • Walter Williams (George Mason University) [Video]

Dr. Edward Glaeser speaks at the SMU O'Neil Center Flourishing & A Free Society Forum from SMU on Vimeo.