Campus COVID-19 Updates, Resources and Reminders

Report your COVID-19 vaccination

If you’ve already received your vaccine, we need your help:

  • Once you are partially or fully vaccinated, remember to fill out the self-reporting tool – and keep it up to date if a second dose is required – on the Mustang Strong vaccine page.
  • Your voluntary submission of this information is important for two primary reasons:
    • It will help the University understand how many vaccines to request from the state of Texas each week.
    • It may also help inform decisions about when it may be appropriate to make changes to campus-wide pandemic operations.
  • It will not be used to communicate to you directly about your own vaccine status.
  • Unsure of what activities are safe after you are vaccinated? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offer guidelines for what vaccinated individuals may do.
  • Regardless of the manufacturer, remember that it takes about two weeks after receiving the final dose to be considered fully vaccinated.

New individuals now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine

Even though SMU is still waiting to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on campus, you might be eligible to receive it elsewhere. In the last few weeks, the state of Texas has made a handful of changes to its qualifying groups.

If you are interested in tracking how many individuals in the state have received the vaccine, the Texas Department of State Health Services provides information through their website. National numbers are available through the CDC.

News and notes

  • SMU is reducing its isolation capacity from 147 to 131 units while maintaining the flexibility to quickly add more if needed.
  • The change comes amid reduced COVID-19 cases on campus, and to accommodate a small number of students displaced by February’s winter storms.
  • Student Affairs sent an email last week detailing eased restrictions to residential housing and student events, moving from orange designation to yellow. Here are some highlights of what that means:
  • Students living in the Residential Commons and upper-division housing are now allowed to have guests in their residential facilities with some conditions.
  • If you have questions about what this change means for you and your unique space, contact your Residential Community Director to get apartment-specific guidance.

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