COVID-19 Vaccines

    • The COVID-19 vaccine is available at SMU’s Dr. Bob Smith Health Center for University staff, as well as their spouses and dependents.  
    • The vaccine will continue to be offered on campus to the SMU community and new employees throughout the summer.
    • To schedule your vaccination, or to learn more about the University's COVID-19 vaccine campaign click here

    COVID-19 Testing

      Face Masks

        • SMU is no longer requiring masks to be worn on campus with a few exceptions
        • It is optional for you or someone entering into your workspace to wear a mask. However, because SMU is no longer requiring masks to be worn on campus, you cannot require someone to do so.
        • As SMU continues to make the transition toward regular campus operations, it is important to recognize that some people in our community may not be vaccinated and/or may choose to wear a mask for their own protection and that of others. Please continue to show respect for individual decisions and responses to the health concerns of the pandemic.
        • While the mask mandate for campus is lifted, it does not preclude you from wearing a mask at meetings or in social situations.
        • Other options to masking include: meeting in a space that offers more social distancing or meeting virtually.

        Returning to Normal Operations

          • The latest University information and timelines surrounding a return to normal operations, including COVID training requirements, contact tracing, occupancy, spacing, cleaning procedures, and more is available here.
          • Many answers to the  most frequently asked questions by staff are available by clicking here

          Online Resources