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The Tyler Black Film Collection on DVD

Scenes from Tyler, Texas Black Films
DVD Cover

The G. William Jones Film & Video Collection of the Hamon Arts Library is the repository of this collection of race films from the 1930s and 1940s. These films, on miraculously well-preserved nitrate stock, were transferred to safety film in 1985. With the advent of digital technology, this important collection of film history has been digitally restored.

The Collection’s production of the 3-DVD boxed set, including 7 full-length films and 7 short subjects, is now complete, and copies are available for purchase. Titles and Descriptions are available.

Cost for the 3-DVD set, including narrative booklet and introductory commentary for each film is $50.00 plus shipping, handling and state sales tax.

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Questions or concerns about the Collection or the DVD boxed set should be directed to Collection Administrators.