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SMU Article II Society

Membership in the SMU Article II Society provides exclusive access to wide range of special programming with the Center for Presidential History (CPH). You can become a member of the Article II Society’s inaugural cohort with an annual gift of $2500 or more.

The Center for Presidential History exists to research and advance understanding of the history of the American presidency:

  • Promotes the study and understanding of the American presidency through research, conferences and publications.
  • Produces an ongoing oral history project, dedicated to enhancing the historical and archival record of various presidential administrations.
  • Offers public lectures on the SMU campus to discuss historical topics.
  • Provides concentrated continuing education workshops for high school history educators from all over the country.
  • Directs Study Abroad excursions to major historical sites.
  • Shapes tomorrow's scholars by empowering SMU undergraduate, doctoral students, and our elite post-doctoral fellows to lead and serve.

You will have the opportunity to renew your Article II membership annually, each August to:

  • Receive exclusive invitations to a select number of private lectures, meals, and/or intimate discussions with CPH visiting fellows and speakers, and the Center’s staff of scholars too! More than a handshake at a reception, this is an opportunity to truly engage some of the top writers and thinkers on the presidency at work today.
  • Obtain advance registration for all public CPH events, and opportunity to pre-reserve your two seats!
  • Get advance notice and registration for CPH Study Abroad courses and excursions. You may already know about the CPH annual trip to the D-Day beaches. Plans for Gettysburg and Vietnam are in the works!
  • Be invited to directly engage with CPH students and fellows, all while supporting their education.

Your tax-deductible membership enables the Center to continue these opportunities on the SMU campus and our research into the nation’s past—all done with an eye towards improving our shared future. Most important of all, your support helps support the Center for Presidential History, its research, educational outreach and provide support for our number one priority: our SMU STUDENTS.

Learn more about the Article II Society:

Ronna Spitz | Coordinator | | 214-768-3210

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