Summer Youth

Summer Youth Program

People Are Talking...

Curious about SMU Summer Youth Programs? Here are some of the things that parents are saying about us:

"My son loved working on the computer with LEGOS, his two all-time favorite things. I liked the fact that he was learning new technology to integrate with his love of LEGOs."

"My son loved it because it was fun and allowed him to be creative. I loved it because it was affordable and so much FUN for him."

"It was unique and different from most camps that are offered."

"Unique subject matter. Convenient time. Very enjoyable for the kids."

"Loved the combination of fun and learning. My son was challenged but enjoyed each day."

“Cool subjects; classes were worth the 90-minute drive for us."

“It was well organized and I felt safe leaving my children."

“I like the security number system for pickup."

"Area of study is unique, not typically offered in normal summer camps. Trusted University of excellence offering fun while learning advanced skills."

“The instructors were young, energetic and seemed to relate well to the young attendees. The course material was fun and stimulated thought. My almost-seven-year-old grandson awakened me at 3:00 this morning with a scientific thought after the solar & battery Car Rally Full Throttle camp …. impressive thought process!!!"

"My son really enjoyed the class and the instructor. The instructor was very entertaining and constantly kept it interesting for the kids."

"Very organized and innovative."