User Experience Design


Next class begins March 2, 2019

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Duration: As little as 4 months


Next Dates: March 2, 2019

Priority Rate (2 weeks before start date): $3,495
Standard Rate: $3,745

Jamin Hegeman

Designing Customer Experiences

Jamin Hegeman (@jamin) is Head of Design for Financial Services at Capital One, where he leads design teams across multiple business units to support end-to-end service experiences and transform business operations to be more design centric. He is also principal of the Service Design Network management team. 

Through design, Jamin shapes human experiences and transforms services, organizations, and communities. He is a designer, poet, soccer player, and home brewer. He supports and mentors designers to develop their craft, while helping businesses articulate service strategy and define experiences that benefit customers, employees, and the business.

As a principal of Service Design Network, he has helped the Service Design Network grow and influence thousands of designers and business leaders around the world. His work and ideas have appeared in the book, This Is Service Design Thinking. He shares his knowledge and experience through speaking, writing, and teaching.

Skip Howard

Skip is founder/CEO of Spacee, leaders in Spatial Augmented Reality. Spacee turns any 2D or 3D space into a touch screen using light only. No phones, tablets, glasses, or any other wearable are necessary. Combined with facial recognition, image detection, emotional state recognition, in-air gestures, and interactive holograms, Spacee has built an experiential marketing platform with emerging technology. Their first project turned a Mercedes c300 into a touch screen. Spacee is currently working with several fortune 100 companies. Spacee is Skip’s third startup. In 2014, he co-founded of Cancer Gene Connect, the leaders in hereditary cancer risk assessments and he co-founded Pave Systems, a judicial software company for higher education right out of college. Prior to Spacee, he worked for Ross Perot’s real estate company, Hillwood. Skip also runs the largest computer vision developers group south of New York. 

Preston McCauley

User Experience Design

Preston's 17+year career in the UX industry has given him the opportunity to not only create and manage literally hundreds of applications and projects, but also to develop the rare industry knowledge and skill to bring a product through the entire life cycle. At the root of his many successes is the ability to identify problems and opportunities and focus on building a robust product implementation. He challenges his teams to approach problems from different angles and push for innovative solutions. He is always looking for ways in which to leverage new technology. This means identifying trends, methods, and tools that can be used for product development and marketing. He is a strong believer in Practical UX, a term he coined to help teams and business owners iterate and improve the product before the coding phase. Preston has both small project and industry level, large scale application experience.

Preston is an active industry leader in the Dallas-Fort Worth User Experience Professional Association (UXPA), speaking at events and group meetups and actively mentoring peers and those new to this expanding industry. He believes in guiding talent through constructive and clear feedback that helps the individual grow beyond current capabilities. Just some of Preston's many specialties are: front end UI, Interaction design, creating easy to use application experiences for the front-end user. This includes business ux strategy, ux ideation, ux architecting, ux design patterns, mobile design, ios storyboard design, grunt.js, phonegap and more.

Preston has also created his own proven methods of SEO marketing and promotion, and is on the cutting edge when it comes to social marketing, future UX theories and education methods. He keeps a daily pulse on the UX / design world like no one else.

J. Schuh

Introduction to User Experience Design

J. Schuh is an Adobe Community Professional with a passion for teaching creativity and Adobe products. He is an adjunct professor at Collin College, Texas A&M Commerce, and Southern Methodist University. J. is an award-winning animator, cartoonist, designer and motion graphics artist who has 20 years of experience developing compelling interactive design and video content for Fortune 500 companies. He is national conference speaker and the co-author of BRILLIANCE: Understanding the Creative Mind.

Brian Sullivan

User Research and User-Centered Analysis
Usability Testing

Brian Sullivan is one of the most prominent figures in the UX industry in DFW today with over 25 years of experience in IT. He is the President of DFW-UXPA, which has over 1,200 design and usability professionals. Brian has performed design research and usability testing at the Sabre Human Factors Center for over 10 years with clients including United Airlines, Four Seasons Hotels, DOT, American Airlines, Mandarin Oriental, Trip Case, and many more. Brian is the founder of the nationally renown Big (D)esign Conference, which attracts over 1,000 people each year to learn about content strategy, design, usability, app development, film design, accessibility, and gaming. Brian frequently speaks at industry events, such as SxSW Interactive, STC Summit, UxPA International, User Friendly China, IA Summit, and Big Design Conference. Brian is a prolific writer with over 500 blog articles. He is publishing his first book The Design Studio Method (2015), a book on sketching user experiences. Brian holds an M.A. in English Literature and an M.B.A. in Management Information Systems.