Austin Kimson

Austin B. Kimson

Co-founder and Senior Economist, Macro Trends Group

Austin Kimson is the co-founder and Senior Economist of Bain & Company’s Macro Trends Group, out of the Dallas office. The Bain Macro Trends Group (MTG) is the capability group for developing Bain’s insights about global macroeconomics, macro social trends and geopolitics as they impact the results of Bain’s clients. The group’s proprietary research includes work on trends driving global growth in GDP and in capital markets, as well as specific geographic analyses (including China, the United States, and the Eurozone), which it uses to help clients understand the potential impact of the volatile global environment on their businesses.

Austin’s expertise is in global macroeconomics, market pricing dynamics and corporate failure and distress. He is principal author and developer of all of the Macro Trends Group’s major studies including the recent megatrends series on capital markets, spatial economics, and the intersection of demographics and automation. He is also a contributing author to the macroeconomic perspectives for Bain’s annual Private Equity report and Retail Holiday Newsletter.

He joined Bain in 2004, and has also worked in Bain’s San Francisco/Silicon Valley offices. Austin has served clients in all major sectors with emphasis on financial services, industrials, technology and privately held companies.

Prior to joining Bain, Austin spent three years working at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in the System Cash Product Office, the Federal Reserve System’s national office for managing the supply and distribution of currency and coin. While there Austin led several key analyses on the transactional uses of currency in the US economy.