Open Sessions

Immersive and Experiential Learning: Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce Today


Eric Bing and Tony Cuevas
Simmons School of Education & Human Development

Immersive and experiential technologies, like virtual reality, augmented reality and simulated environments, have become important and effective tools in workforce training, but their high cost has limited widespread use. However, new technologies available at more affordable price-points are creating more possibilities for cutting-edge teaching and learning across many fields.

Dr. Bing and Dr. Cuevas, innovative faculty and researchers from the SMU Simmons School of Education & Human Development, will share their recent projects utilizing emerging technologies to support professional learning in a variety of settings, from K–12 classrooms to medical operating rooms. Their VR surgery simulation is designed to reduce both the time and costs to train surgeons in complicated surgical procedures, even in very low resourced settings. In this presentation, you will have the opportunity to discuss and consider:

  • What research is revealing about employing immersive technologies for effective professional development
  • Opportunities for wider adoption and rapid deployment of new technologies
  • Examples of successful partnerships across fields, sectors and settings to support innovative workforce training