Open Sessions

Digital Ethics and the Paradox of Privacy in the Modern World


Anthony Elia
Director of the Bridwell Library, Perkins School of Theology

Recent events have brought the issues of privacy, transparency, and ethics center stage. Organizations realized a long time ago that ‘data is the new oil’ but consumers are only just beginning to catch on to what that actually means. Bringing this contradiction out into the light is forcing organizations and individuals to consider what a framework for digital ethics and the role of privacy might look like in this new world.

Mr. Elia, a recent addition to SMU’s Perkins School of Theology and its esteemed Bridwell Library, is a thought leader in the fields of religious studies, theology, and technology.  He will lead a conversation about the dimensions of privacy in the digital era and how to help organizations and individuals navigating this new landscape. You will discuss:

  • The social, societal, and economic equality implications of privacy
  • The balance of life, relationships and privacy in the complex digital landscape of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and predictive technologies
  • The moral rights, duties, and responsibilities of individuals and organizations
  • What are the many dimensions of privacy in the digital age and who is responsible for safeguarding it?
  • How do we navigate the complex nature of being social beings, while still demanding all aspects of privacy?
  • How does higher education play into these questions?