Open Sessions

Biz Tech Briefs at Breakneck Speed


Amit Basu
Carr P. Collins Chair in MIS, Chairman of Information Technology and Operations Management, and Professor, Cox School of Business

Ulrike Schultze
Associate Professor of Information Technology and Operations Management, Cox School of Business

Simon Mak
Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship and Associate Director, Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship, Cox School of Business

Technological breakthroughs are transforming the business sector seemingly overnight. As a state of disruption becomes the “new normal,” business leaders must transform, compete, and collaborate in an increasingly digitized, automated and intelligent landscape. Join the conversation with three different SMU faculty members from SMU’s Cox School of Business. They will explore implications of disruption on the world of work and commerce.

AI: Transforming Businesses, Industries and the Marketplace (Dr. Basu)

  • Integration, consolidation and transformation of business operations and processes
  • Strategic planning for digital and intelligent disruption
  • How AI will impact the structure of organizations in different industries

Business Implications of AI: Dealing with the People Issues (Dr. Schultze)

  • Ethical implications of using AI in hiring practices
  • Challenges and opportunities in a competitive landscape dominated by learning algorithms
  • Building a resilient ‘people infrastructure’ to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Blockchain Applications and the Emergence of a Distributed Cooperative Economy (Dr. Mak)

  • Blockchain basics: its economic evolution; its business models; and its disruptive influence on business and markets
  • Tokenization: what should and should not be tokenized
  • The new era of coopetition