SMU CAPE is committed to improving and serving the community. Our military members, spouses and veterans have sacrificed so much for our country. Now it’s time to turn your attention to bettering yourself, and it all starts here with SMU CAPE.

We understand that it may be difficult to go back to school full time in pursuit of a degree, but with SMU CAPE you can earn the certificates you need to place you ahead of your peers in the work force. We will provide you with the necessary resources and will work with you to achieve your goals.

For more information, or if you need assistance with any of the programs listed below, please contact Robert Hurst, SMU Veterans Assistance Coordinator, at 214-768-1104.


A DOD-designed program that provides eligible military spouses a one-time $4,000 grant to pursue a professional certificate or license in a portable career field. Click here to get a complete list of programs that SMU CAPE offers.

GI Bill® 

The GI Bill® is an all-inclusive program for eligible service members, veterans or family members that allows the VA to pay for the full cost of tuition (up to the highest state college tuition) plus a monthly housing allowance. SMU currently accepts all forms of the GI Bill®. Click here for more information or to check if you are eligible to use the GI Bill®.

Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

Military Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit for eligible service members across all branches. TA pays up to 100% of tuition and fees, and can be utilized at the discretion of unit commanding officers. We encourage you to engage your unit commanders about the use of TA for the professional certificate or training of your choice. Click here to learn more.

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Questions? Contact Robert Hurst, SMU Veterans Assistance Coordinator, at 214-768-1104.