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CAPE Will Soon Become SMU Global and Online

An exciting opportunity is just around the corner.

CAPE will soon become SMU Global and Online, a new learning organization that incorporates leading-edge technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and new modes of learning and teaching for real-life solutions to your most challenging career questions.

Incorporating curriculum at the vanguard of career advancement, well beyond the SMU campus, the learning technology of SMU Global and Online will help you become an expert by learning from them. The SMU culture of small classes and individual attention to learners will extend to participants across the world.

No matter where you are, SMU Global and Online is the way to:

Earn your master’s degree online by taking advantage of cutting-edge technology and learning from the same distinguished SMU faculty as in the classroom.

Expand your skillset in your own vocation by joining professional courses and certificate programs. Learn more.

Achieve your academic goals with test preparation courses. Learn more.

Explore exciting new opportunities for lifelong learning across a range of topics. Learn more.

As a participant in an SMU Global and Online program, you will receive personal guidance to help you realize your own unique goals.

World changers are shaped here at SMU. Very soon, exciting new SMU Global and Online opportunities will be available to you – and world changers will be shaped everywhere.