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University Policy Changes

In review of existing policies, we identified an opportunity to update the working to align more accurately with the current University mission.  Additionally, we refined policies to omit reference to processes, as those can change based on resources and advances in technology, etc.


Policy 1.4 Facilities Planning and Management(rev. 6/1/94) deleted

Policy 1.5 Use of University Facilities by University and Non-University Individuals and Organizations (rev. 6/04/18) renumbered to 6.4

Policy  4.1 Energy Management (rev. 6/1/94) 

   4.2 Emergency Curtailment of Energy Use (rev. 6/1/94) 

   4.3 Environmental Control (rev. 6/1/94) 

   4.4 Lighting (rev. 6/1/94) 

Full rewrite - Combined to form policy 6.3

Policy 4.5 New Construction/Major Renovation (rev. 11/1/96) Full rewrite - now 6.1

Policy 4.6 Modification of Facilities (rev. 6/1/94) Full rewrite – now 6.2