From the desk of Michael Molina

Colleagues, students, faculty and the greater SMU community,

Welcome to our refreshed webpage for the office of Facilities Planning & Management!  This is the first roll-out of various changes planned for our digital connection to each of you.  I am honored and energized to lead master planning, design, construction, and operational aspects within the SMU campuses here in Dallas as well as SMU in Taos. 

It has been a fast five months since my first day since joining the SMU community.  I have committed to roll out a strategic shift after my 30/60/90 day ramp-up.  30 days to absorb, 30 days to plan, and 30 days to implement.  I believe we needed to make a strong shift to transparency, collaboration, and operating rigor in order to build a strong foundation for the first year operating strategy and beyond.  For this initial roll-out I have focused on three key areas within in our operation based upon clear input received from the SMU community.

  • Culture - What is our ethos?
    • We are in the service business…period.Our operation must revolve around strong planning and coordination resulting in positive solutions.Our partners must maintain the same level of service performance.

  • Quality – How and what do we deliver?
    • Solutions from small repair to large capital projects in the design and construction bubble must be delivered with maximum performance life, operational efficiency, technological flexibility, and of course a strong representative aesthetic of the Collegiate Georgian style.Maintenance issues are a critical part of the departments operation and will be accountable fostering care for our facilities.

  • Communication - Who do we serve and connect to?
    • Planning small and large initiatives with an inclusive mindset.Facility user groups and partners are paramount in the design, construction and maintenance processes from concept to keys.

Our new operation mission is:

Ultimate Service – Superior Management – Positive Impact

These are big and bold points! And yes, I believe they are attainable each and every day!  We are committed to build and maintain MOMENTUM in our operational rigor. 

So, what are a few of our operational items in the works?

We will soon be interviewing finalists for a new integrated work management system.  This is will be the foundation for space planning, research support, academic space coordination, facility management, communication, event management, capital planning, safety, catering, and multiple other applications to our operational improvement. 

We have filled over 17 technical service positions that were vacant in Q1 of 2018.  You will see new faces in the field helping in day to day operations and maintenance.  Various people have been repositioned focused on “right role…right person” philosophy.  I have made it a priority schedule face time with our primary service partners to ensure they understand our model of expectation, quality, and professionalism.  


Stay tuned next month for a review of projects and initiatives across the campus!