Campus Master Plans and Architecture

In 1997, SMU's Board of Trustees approved the Centennial Master Plan (1997-2015).  The resulting plan provided a framework for future facilities and grounds development consistent with the architectural vision best represented by Dallas Hall and Bishop Boulevard.  It identified six objectives which continue to drive the Master Plan:

  • Establish a plan for facilities growth
  • Maintain the Collegiate Georgian architectural integrity
  • Define campus edges and points of entry
  • Reinforce the pedestrian character of the campus
  • Enhance the area and quality of landscaping
  • Improve campus navigation

Since its adoption, there have been nine updates made to the Centennial Master Plan to ensure the plan reflects accurate physical changes made since 1997; to account for land acquired for expansion; and to delineate new construction and renovation initiatives.

Southern Methodist University maintains three campuses. Click on each link at the right to view the current Campus Master Plan for each campus.

SMU Campus Master Plan