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Employee International Travel


Employee International Travel Process

Southern Methodist University supports global travel and is committed to the safety of its faculty, staff, and students when they participate in such travel.  This website contains the steps that SMU faculty and staff who travel abroad must complete at least 15 days before leaving the United States.

Are You Traveling to a Restricted Region?

How to Determine if You're Traveling to a Restricted Region:

  1. Go to the restricted regions website.
  2. If the country you are traveling to is listed as a Category 1, Category 2, or Category 3 country, then you are traveling to a restricted region.

Select the appropriate option below:

Yes, I am traveling to a restricted region


No, I am not traveling to a restricted region


What is a Restricted Region?

Restricted Region is a region of the world that SMU has identified as an area that requires travelers to exert special efforts to mitigate risk and, when necessary, to avoid travel altogether.