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Insurance Programs

TULIP (Tenant Users' Liability Insurance)

SMU requires evidence of insurance for all third party vendors and contractors that want to operate in a special event on campus. The third-party is responsible for obtaining evidence of insurance (i.e. a Certificate of Insurance) and presenting it to the Office of Risk Management at least (3) days prior to the event taking place.

In order for the university to recognize the event, the following list of insurance policy conditions must be met on the Certificate of Insurance:

Named Insured:

The specific third-party member or organization.

Additional Insured:

SMU, its Trustees, Officers, employees and agents.

Coverage Detail:

Commercial General Liability coverage for bodily injury or property damage. Policy Minimums: $1,000,000 limit per occurrence.


All special events are not organized in the same way, nor do they carry the same exposure. This can lead to confusion about who needs to insure what. As a rule of thumb, whenever the group is hiring outside people for an event, signing contracts, and charging for the event, it will likely need liability insurance to cover the event. Many outside groups carry their own insurance. Generally, if another party (i.e., a promoter) is responsible for the contracts and promotions, it carries its own liability limits. But because these distinctions can be confusing, liability coverage should be clarified in the early planning stages of the event. (Risk Management can advise you on this.)

Special Points to Consider

Social Fraternities/Sororities:

Must provide their own coverage. The Office of Risk Management is available for assistance.

Club Sports:

Must provide their own coverage.  The Office of Risk Management is available for assistance.


There is no coverage for the individuals participating in these events. Third-party liability coverage is provided. (An example of third-party liability coverage would be a situation in which a spectator or passer-by was injured by a foul ball).

Personal Property:

No Coverage.

The Tenants' and Users' Liability Insurance Policy (TULIP) is available to event organizers who hold functions on the university campus. TULIP protects both the facility user (event host or visiting entity) and the university against claims by a third parties. Please follow the link to learn more and register for this insurance coverage: