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Certificates of Insurance

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Certificates of Insurance

A certificate of insurance – also known as evidence of insurance – is requested when liability (or loss) may be a concern for SMU. For example, if you are hosting or sponsoring an event on campus, you may be asked to obtain a certificate of insurance (COI) from your vendor(s) as evidence that certain liabilities will be covered during the course of the activity or event. No matter what kind of vendor you’re working with, having the right COI, or evidence of insurance, will protect you and the SMU community.

Whether for procurement using a Purchase Order or Contract, this is the standard process.

Named Insured:

Official Name of the Vendor or Contractor

Additional Insured:

Southern Methodist University, its trustees, officers, employees, students, volunteers and agents are named as additional insured (as the interest of each insured may appear) as to all insurance coverage required.

Certificate holder must be listed as follows:

Ellen Shew Holland, ARM
Associate Vice President & Chief Risk Officer
Southern Methodist University
Office of Risk Management
P.O. Box 750231
Dallas, Texas 75275-0231
[By courier: 3050 Dyer Ct., Dallas, TX 75205]


For SMU’s insurance requirements of third party vendors, click here. These requirements are standard in tandem with the appropriate contract.

You may also be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance, or evidence of insurance, showing the University’s coverage to third party vendors. To request a copy of SMU’s Certificate of Insurance, please contact Risk Management, 214-768-2083.


Often a contract, or legal agreement, is necessary to plan a campus activity or event.  Every division on the SMU campus has been assigned a Contract Lead.  The Contract Leads are assigned to offer guidance and direction for contract facilitation.  For a list of department contract leads or to obtain more information, click here.



If your vendor does not have insurance and would like the option to purchase a short-term policy to comply with SMU requirements, please visit our TULIP page.