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Office of Risk Management

Environmental Health & Safety

Occupational Health and Safety Training

Occupational Health and Safety Training programs apply broadly throughout campus, from tradesman to art students to office workers.  Training programs are offered either in-person, online, or in both formats; see the specifics for each training program below.  Sign up for all trainings on the Training Calendar and Registration Form.

Training Calendar and Registration Form

Bloodborne Pathogens Training


Any employee or student whose work or education involves reasonably anticipated exposure to human blood or other potentially infectious materials must receive training on the epidemiology, symptoms, and transmission of bloodborne diseases on a yearly basis.   This training is available online via the SafetySkills system. Please refer to the Bloodborne Pathogens program page for more information.

Respiratory Protection Training


All personnel and students that use a respirator for any reason must enroll in the Respiratory Protection Program.  This program can include required annual training, which is administered online via SafetySkills. Please refer to the Respiratory Protection Program page for more information about the program.

Machine Shop Training

In-Person: Contact Shop Supervisor

Machine shop training is currently administered by the SMU machine shop supervisors.  Please contact your departmental shop supervisor for more information.

Office Ergonomics Training


This course will teach employees how to implement ergonomic principles in office settings in order to minimize or eliminate potential hazards. Employees will learn to identify and prevent ergonomic risk factors at office workstations, and differentiate between the correct and incorrect methods to lift safely.

Hearing Conservation Training


Some employees that are exposed to noise hazards must enroll in the Hearing Conservation Program. This program includes required annual training, which is administered online via SafetySkills. Please refer to the Hearing Conservation Program page for more information about the program.

Fire Extinguisher Training


Fire extinguishers of various types and sizes are provided in all University buildings for emergency use only. Any personnel who wish to use extinguishers on incipient-stage fires may only do so if they have been trained. Environmental Health and Safety now offers in-person training, during which you will learn about types of fire extinguishers, types of fires, and how to fight a fire. You even get to try out the Fire Extinguisher Simulator!