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Office of Risk Management

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

SMU recognizes the importance of having a comprehensive fire safety program directed at recognizing and evaluating fire safety hazards and initiating the appropriate steps to eliminate or reduce these hazards.

Reporting Hazards

A hazard is a condition or circumstance that may cause a loss or incident. The Office of Risk Management actively works to encourage the following behaviors on campus to reduce hazards on campus:

  • Minimize flammable materials;
  • Encourage the use of fire resistive and fire retardant materials;
  • Maintain good housekeeping;
  • Ensure adequate firefighting equipment is easily and quickly accessible;
  • Preserve and keep clear fire evacuation routes;
  • Eliminate possible ignition sources.

If a life or fire hazard is discovered, prompt communication to the appropriate party is essential and may include any or all of the following, depending on the location, nature, and severity of the hazard:

  • Any person(s) in the immediate area of the hazard who may be endangered
  • SMU Police Dispatch: 214-768-3333, or 911 if located outside of the Dallas main campus
  • Your supervisor
  • Office of Risk Management - Fire Safety Division: 214-768-1550
  • Facilities Services: 214-768-7000 

Fire Safety Inspections

The Office of Risk Management works with local fire officials, the Office of Facilities Planning and Management, as well as building end-users to coordinate fire safety inspections of academic, residential, and commercial buildings on and off campus. ORM also coordinates activity with the local fire marshals in the jurisdictions in which SMU operates for day-to-day operations, as well as for special events and other circumstances as required.

ORM works closely with the University Park Fire Marshal’s office and Residence Life and Student Housing office to ensure the safety of all residence halls on campus. This includes annual inspections, frequent fire evacuation drills, inspecting rooms for fire hazards, and providing informational materials pertaining to items that are not permitted in the residence halls.

Evacuation Drills

The Office of Risk Management schedules and conducts evacuation drills for all buildings on campus.

Fire Extinguisher Training

The Office of Risk Management now offers an in-person Fire Extinguisher Training class.  In this class, you’ll learn about types of portable fire extinguishers and when and how to use them.  You’ll also get to fight some digital fires using our new BullsEye laser-driven fire extinguisher training system.  You can find the upcoming training dates and registration form here.

Hot Work Permits

A Hot Work Permit is required whenever there is a need for ensuring fire safety in the performance of hot work operations. This includes, but is not limited to: welding, cutting, brazing, or soldering during demolition, construction, renovation, or maintenance activities within University buildings.

Hot Work Permits can be obtained from the Office of Risk Management, the District Manager, or the Project Manager.

Fire Protection Systems

Campus fire protection systems are now managed by The Office of Facilities Planning and Management.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding fire sprinklers, fire alarms panels, fire extinguishers, etc., please contact Facilities Services at 214-768-7000.

Fire Sprinkler System Outages

Fire sprinkler outages must be reported to SMU’s property insurer. If you need to report a fire sprinkler or other system outage, please immediately contact Facilities Services at 214-768-7000 and ORM at 214-768-1550.