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COOP Development

As SMU Departments develop and update their COOP documentation, remember that your COOP plan should focus on your critical functions.  Try not to include the functions of other departments - they will have their own COOP plan.  Also, keep the COOP plan general in that it is not tied to specific people.  If you need to refer to people, try to use their job title rather than name.

University's Responsibilities

Unless the following tasks are specific to your department, the University is responsible for them and you do not have to consider them in your COOP plan:

  • Assure appropriate life safety on campus or in impacted work areas before personnel will be permitted into affected areas.
  • Restore critical infrastructure, e.g. utilities, facilities, transportation, access, and enterprise services (payroll, procurement, Human Resources, etc.)
  • Communications, connectivity, and I.T. services including data warehousing and enterprise servers.

Some Assumptions

Departments should keep the following assumptions in mind when working on their COOPs:

  • Your office/department will experience a 10% -25% reduction in your staff during an emergency; their homes and families may be impacted by the emergency.
  • Best Case recovery time for the University’s responsibilities (above) anywhere from  3 days, up to 1 week.
  • Worst Case recovery time for the University’s responsibilities (above) would take place in ≤ 30 days up to one year.
  • Any office/department can make requests for resources through their Vice President to obtain assistance through the SMU Emergency Operations Center, during a recovery phase.
  • No COOP Team can ever anticipate everything they will need for every disruption (especially lengthy disruptions), so the goal of the COOP contents is to recognize and address all of the major needs that can be anticipated.

Assistance and Support

Do you have any questions or want to meet with someone from the Office of Risk Management to discuss COOP?  Please contact us: or 214-768-2083.