Global Preparedness & Response

Faculty/Staff Travel

International travel has two review components – budget and risk. The budget review happens when a travel request is submitted and approved in Concur (SMU-funded trips only). After the travel request is approved, the risk review happens at the Travel Oversight Committee (TOC). Once both reviews have been completed, the individual or group has authorization to begin booking the actual travel.

COVID-19: SMU International Travel Updates

Based on the Department of State August 6, 2020 decision to lift its level 4 Global Health Advisory, SMU-sponsored international travel is no longer suspended. Travel requests must be submitted, and are subject to location specific health and safety restrictions as dictated by the Department of State, CDC, and International SOS, before approval. With the health and safety of our university travelers as a top priority, approval of travel is not guaranteed due to the ongoing global pandemic. SMU Study Abroad is not offering spring or summer options for 2021.