Permit to Work

At SMU, we use the permit to work system (PTW), which provides a systematic, disciplined approach to assessing the risks and specifying the precautions to be taken when performing hazardous jobs. The PTW system is used to confirm that work is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. The PTW system also shares essential safety information with multiple groups across campus. SMU Permits are required to be approved by the office of risk management prior to the start of any hazardous work.

The Program applies to all SMU faculty, staff, and service providers who work under contract for SMU at all facilities owned and/or operated by SMU. This Program applies to all field operations and associated facilities in which SMU has significant control over operations.

SMU Safety Work Permits:

  • Declassified Confined Space Entry:
    • Use when working in a confined space with no hazards
    • Enclosed Space - When working in an electrical vault with an electrician
  • Permit-Required Confined Space Entry:
    • Use when Working in a Confined Space with Hazards
  • Ground Disturbance:
    • Use when disturbing the ground more than 16 inches
  • High-Risk Work Permit:
    • High-risk operations are not covered in another SMU safety program and pose a severe risk to employees, contractors, students, guests, or property.
    • Use when performing a high-risk activity on campus that is not confined space, ground disturbance, or hot work.
    • Examples: crane lifts, rope access, highly hazardous chemicals, high or medium voltage energized work, electrical shutdowns, or any other high-risk activity where information needs and risk need to be evaluated.
  • Hot Work
    • Use when performing any work that may create a spark or start a fire.
  • Lock-Out Tag-Out Digital Log
    • When performing lock-out tag-out on campus, please fill out a digital tag.

Permits can be filled out online or in-person at the ORM office at the Dawson Service Center.