Contractor Safety Management

New contractors: To learn more about our required safety protocols, go HERE

SMU seeks to engage contractors who dedicate themselves each day to maintaining an accident-free workplace. SMU is committed to achieving full compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and university-wide policies and standards. These standards apply to all contractors, service providers, and vendors- they are not intended to be inclusive of all local, state, and federal laws and regulations that Contractors are obligated to comply with.

SMU EHS holds a New Contractor Orientation Class for all new contractors working on campus. Classes are held monthly or as needed. The Contractor Orientation discusses expectations, work permits, and a variety of other essential topics necessary to work on campus safely. All contractors are required to attend the New Contractor Orientation class.

SMU Work Permits

Work permits are used for high-risk activities on campus. Work permits help share critical information with others and doubles as a checklist. Work permits are used by contractors, faculty, staff, and students. Most permits can be filled out online. Some permits must be requested in person from the Office of Risk Management. 

Permits can be filled out ONLINE or in-person at the Office of Risk Management in the Dawson Service Center, Suite 100.