Other Services


The SMU Police Department provides fingerprinting services to faculty, staff, students and the community for a fee of $25/per card, cash only. Please be sure to bring the fingerprint card(s) provided to you by your college, employer or whom ever you are being printed for, to the SMU Police Department Room 212 along with a government issued photo identification (ex. driver license or passport).

If you need a fingerprint card, you can obtain one from the FBI website at http://www.fbi.gov/ and search for Background Check Fingerprint Card.

Special Events Planning

For any group or organization planning an event on campus, a Use of Grounds form must be completed and approved. The form can be obtained from the Org@SMU website at https://smu.collegiatelink.net.

Once the event has been approved and it is determined that officers will be needed for the event, someone from the group/organization will need to contact the Police Department, 214/768-3388 or police@smu.edu to be put in touch with the appropriate officer responsible for scheduling officers for special events.  Whenever officers work an event, the group/organization will have to pay the department in full a minimum of 48 hours before the actual event.