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Municipal Law Enforcement Jurisdiction

In addition to the SMU Police, the University Park Police Department has concurrent jurisdiction on the campus and, if needed, assists the SMU Police. The University Park Fire Department, which is within a few blocks of the SMU campus, provides fire fighting and emergency paramedic services to the campus. Through interagency agreements, the Highland Park Police Department and the Dallas Police Department also will provide assistance, if requested.

Law Enforcement Authority of Campus Security Personnel

The SMU Police Department is a fully empowered law enforcement agency that is certified by the state of Texas. Campus police officers are state-commissioned peace officers with full police authority, duties, and responsibilities. In addition to the campus, police officers and uniformed security officers provide dorm security and support for special event operations. The University Police provides 24-hour emergency services with a minimum of three patrol officers and a dispatcher on duty at all times. The department consists of 35 personnel, 27 of whom are commissioned peace officers. State law provides that only peace officers, trained security officers, and other governmental officers may carry a firearm on a campus. All other persons are prohibited from possessing weapons on University property. The University Police has the responsibility and duty to enforce all local, state, and federal laws and to effect arrest and to provide for referral for prosecution of crimes to the city and county judicial systems. Any criminal violation against the University will be processed through the university judicial system and also may result in arrest and/or referral for prosecution in the state or federal criminal justice system.