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Training for non-travel reporting may be found here.

Video Tutorials & Documentation

Getting Started

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  Acting as a Delegate   
    Activating E-Receipts  

1. Requesting Travel

Concur Mobile App Demo
Document: Submit a Travel Request
Concur Mobile Feature List
Video: Submit a Travel Request
2. Make a Travel Reservation   Blackberry
Travel Reservations: Know Before You Go
Travel Reservations: Book a Flight   iPad

3. Create Expense Report

Mobile Pin Information

Video: Submitting Travel Expenses    Concur Mobile - receipt upload, submitting & approving travel expenses (expenses only not requests).    
Create Expense Report from Approved & Completed Travel                                

ExpenseIt Mobile App Demo
Add New Expenses    ExpenseIt -  create expenses from receipt images.

Copy Expenses
  TripIt Pro Demo
Available Expenses: Add Credit Card Transactions
Install & Upgrade to TripIt Pro

Working with Available Receipts
TripIt Pro - detailed itineraries,  calendar sync, store reward-points, share plans, and more.
Allocate Expenses
Business Meals: Add Attendees

Calculate Car Mileage

GSA Travel Allowances/Per Diem
Hotel: Itemizing Nightly Lodging Expenses
International Travel: Foreign Transactions
Itemize Expenses
Missing Receipts
Upload & Attach Receipts

4. Review & Process Expense Report

Review & Approve Expense Report
Review & Send Back Expense Report        
Correct/Resubmit Expense Report
Print & Submit Expense Report        
Travel Training Guide